Memory Foam with a Unique Cover: A Guide to Bear Original Mattress

The mattresses from Bear are not your usual internet mattress brand. The business creates solutions to improve sleep quality and support the body’s natural healing process. They do this using a unique client-infused coating. Celliant is a patented material made of 13 Thermo-reactive minerals that are weaved into fibers to absorb body heat, convert it to infrared energy, and then return it to the body. You are intended to wake up feeling refreshed and energized by helping the body’s muscle healing and restoration processes. The US Food and Drug Administration classifies Celliant as a medical device because of its capacity to alter circulation.

The Bear Original mattress stands out above the countless other foam beds because of this. Additionally, considering what it gives, the mattress is surprisingly inexpensive. The Bear Original mattress review has been reviewing the qualities of the mattress personally tested, like firmness, edge support, and motion isolation. It explains whether or not they would likely be suitable for you.

First Perceptions

It cannot be quantified if or to what extent the Celliant cover improves everyday performance. It’s also difficult to say whether or not a good night’s sleep on this mattress can be directly attributed to the Celliant, but the idea is sound. It also doesn’t appear that you pay more for the mattress to have this function. Thus, there is no downside to it.

The Bear Original is a memory foam mattress. However, it doesn’t feel as comfortable as mattresses from Amerisleep or Nectar, two other well-known foam mattress manufacturers. While it still molds and hugs you, it returns to normal as you change positions, which is what Bear customers describe. This helps you, combination sleepers, from feeling like you have to pry yourself out of the foam layers to switch sides.

Mattress firmness and feel of Bear Original

Mattress firmness and feel of Bear Original

What is the texture of the Bear mattress?

The Bear Original mattress is the true comfort winner—and it won’t attempt to devour you. It is as cozy and soft as a real bear looks to snuggle into. As I have noted, it doesn’t feel like your typical memory foam mattress. It nearly has the impression of being mixed with neutral foam to eliminate the syrupy sensation that occasionally accompanies memory foam. As a result, it returns to its original position more rapidly, making it simple for you to change positions. The responsiveness is not overpowering; it is a pleasant sensation that may even appeal to those who dislike traditional memory foam.

How firm is the Bear mattress?

The Bear Original mattress leans somewhat towards the firm end of the range, but it’s still relatively moderate; I’d rank its hardness as being between medium and medium-firm, or around a 6 out of 10. Lying on one’s stomach or back provides great spine and back support and prevents the lower back from drooping into the top layers. When on the side, it also softly embraces the hips and shoulders. However, if you spend most of the night on your side, this bed might not be the most excellent choice since, especially for those weighing under 150 pounds, it lacks the necessary amount of give beneath your hips and shoulders.

Construction Of Bear Original Mattresses

Three foam layers comprise the average 10-inch height of the Bear Original bed.

  • The base of the bed is supported by a substantial layer of rigid, dense foam in the first layer. Its purpose is to prevent you from slumping into the bed, not to make you comfortable.
  • Transition foam is used in the second layer to provide comfort and shield you from the solid bottom layer. Additionally, it aids in balancing the top layer’s memory foam. 
  • The graphite-gel memory foam provides the bulk of the bed’s comfort, which comes in third place. Graphite is incorporated into it to assist it in absorbing body heat and making your bed more comfy. 

The Celliant-infused cover is the last but certainly not least. The cover features a lovely hexagonal textured pattern over the top, creating the impression that there is a Celliant on the mattress even if you cannot see it.

Performance of Bear Original mattresses

Performance of Bear Original mattresses

Motion isolation

Nobody enjoys a noisy, unsteady mattress that wiggles and jolts whenever their sleeping companion gets up. Thankfully, with the Bear Original mattress, you won’t need to be concerned about it. Everyone was amazed by its ability to isolate motion. There are no springs or layers of latex foam to give this mattress bounce, and memory foam excels at absorbing movement.

Edge support

The edge support of the Bear Original mattress is rated as mediocre. There is some give when laying or sitting on the edge of an all-foam mattress, but that is to be expected. You should feel well-supported unless you weigh more than 230 pounds.


Bear claims on its website that the graphite gel in the memory foam’s top layer aids with cooling relief, but I discovered that’s not always the case. It doesn’t “sleep cold,” and it didn’t feel chilly while lying in bed. Despite this, It is believed it aids in preventing overheating, which is a problem with conventional memory foam beds. In the end, it is said it sleeps at a neutral temperature.

For whom is the Bear mattress ideal?

For whom is the Bear mattress ideal

The Bear Original mattress won’t be the best fit for everyone. Therefore, your body type and preferred sleeping position should be taken into consideration when making your purchase.

Sleeping position

Do you frequently sleep on your stomach, back, side, or a combination of the three positions? The Original Bear mattress is excellent for back, stomach, and combo sleepers.

Unless you want additional plushness, most side sleepers of ordinary weight should find this bed comfortable. The firmness profile, however, can be too supportive and firm to accept you on your side if you weigh less than 150 pounds. 


The Bear Pro mattress is made entirely of foam, including layers of gel memory foam and polyfoam with copper infusion. It features the recognizable Celliant cover that Bear uses, which controls body temperature, eases muscular aches, and speeds healing from injuries. This mattress is a fantastic option for side and back sleepers since it falls between the firmness categories of medium and medium-firm.

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