The Best Mental Health Platforms for Students Who Need Help

Mental health is among the greatest concerns; anyone who’s ever tried to care for their mind can acknowledge how difficult things can get. In addition, not everyone can access the privilege of attending therapy sessions regularly.

The options are vast, and these services are not only for the chosen few. On the contrary, anyone undergoing a rough patch can leverage numerous resources to restore their mental health. The web offers many reliable resources to take advantage of, including helpful forums and mental health hotlines. Therefore, you can’t lack someone to speak to whenever you need assistance.

The Importance of Great Mental Health 

The mental state determines a person’s overall well-being. Cognitive health doesn’t just involve those diagnosed. Rather, the concept covers our overall well-being, whether emotional, social, or psychological. In addition, our mind’s state affects our feelings, reasoning, and actions.

When your mind is okay, you can enjoy your life and navigate the daily complexities. Great mental health also enhances how you relate with others and nurtures a feeling of fulfillment. Therefore, one should give it the same attention they offer to their physical health.

Check out any web-based mental health resource whenever you’re struggling and need some support. Squeeze some time into your busy schedule, even if it means letting writing experts at grademiners handle your assignments. But not everything you encounter online works, so you should consider checking out the best options at your disposal.

Reliable Mental Health Resources

The following helpful resources can help you navigate the tough times:


This mobile app was initially famous as Pacifica. It primarily educates users on how to deal with depression and anxiety, and the lessons follow the CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) structure. Users benefit from valuable teachings through films and audio, interactive activities, and habit monitoring.

The popular program integrates with Apple Health, allowing you to include even more recovery methods and insights like caffeine stats, sleep, and exercise. The software also monitors Mindfulness Minutes by following your meditation schedule.

Besides the treatment methods, the resource links you to an expansive user community. Here, you’ll come across numerous broad discussions on mental health. You’ll learn practical coping mechanisms and recovery methods and get motivational words.


This free mobile application can help you monitor your mood. It also offers helpful resources to help you navigate stress and manage any negative feelings coming your way. Even better, the tool has an Android and iOS version, so you cannot fail to get the help you need. Moodfit looks like a fitness app at first glance. However, it specializes in enhancing your overall cognitive health and wellness rather than prioritizing the physical realm.

The app has a CBT section with valuable insights and guides for users. This section can teach you some crucial skills for maintaining emotional stability, including mindfulness and gratitude. In addition, users gain insights into the elements that taint their mood, including physical activity and diet. Thus, you’ll easily know your weak areas and improve on them—finally, Moodfit details the most effective mental health treatments, from therapy to medication.

Stress and Anxiety Companion

Generally, our mental balance depends on how we practice relaxation, release negative feelings, and participate in mindful awareness. But unfortunately, doing all these isn’t easy, and most people remain stuck in a negative state.

Stress and Anxiety Companion was designed to fix this. The app can simplify your wellness journey by training you to implement proven strategies for limiting negative feelings. In addition, you’ll learn how to cultivate a much more present mentality. The application also has additional features for identifying stress triggers. Therefore, you will always be on the watch, and nothing will catch you off guard.

Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Understandably, managing the blues is no easy feat. But the reputable Depression CBT Self-Help Guide is here to your aid. The reliable CBT-based application is available for Android and iOS users. It essentially monitors the user’s mood dips and offers valuable information on clinical depression and effective remedies. 

Depression CBT also has a Relaxation Audio section where users participate in steered relaxation techniques. In addition, the app’s Emotion Training teaches users to overcome negative thoughts, similar to the Cognitive Thought Diary. 


This platform specifically matches therapists to users’ specific needs. For mental health guidance, you can access over 30,000 accredited and seasoned counselors on this site. The therapists counsel couples, individuals, or families through interactive sessions.

Communication channels include live chat, messages, phone calls, and conference setups. However, the site’s live sessions are the most lauded. To access these services, users must fill out a questionnaire. Once done, the software will link them with a specialized therapist experienced in their needs.


Stress isn’t always that complicated. Sometimes, the cure lies in pausing and taking a few deep breaths. Breathe2Relax follows this concept and is among the most popular mental wellness resources on the web. The website is a product from the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, and it trains users on diaphragmatic breathing. The platform shares stress response lessons via educative films, stress percentage logs, and tailored breathing sessions.


Talkspace is arguably the most robust network of cognitive health specialists. The platform hosts over 3,000 certified professionals ready to help you with any mental health challenges. In addition, the site offers several subscription plans, so users can choose whatever’s within their budget.

One must first sign up to access the services. Afterward, you’ll go through a brief assessment before settling on a befitting payment plan. After sharing your details, the site’s consolation expert will match your profile with multiple therapists. You’ll then pick the one you feel aligns with your needs and begin partnering with them within several days.

Talkspace doesn’t only offer individual counseling, but the services extend further to couples counseling. The site also has a Talkspace Psychiatry section, comprising tailored psychiatric treatment from accredited prescribers.

Psychology Today

This is among the leading cognitive health resources today. The site offers a broad range of services, from wellness therapies to linking you with professionals in your location or on the web. Users can browse through its broad professional database based on location. In addition, the platform is reputable for its accessible and evidence-based content.

This popular resource uses CBT to address users’ mental health conditions. The guidance helps users detect, fight, and overcome unhelpful or negative thoughts. In addition, it trains you to alter your behavior towards positive interactions and thoughts.

Online Therapy is reputable for its extensive range of resources and communication channels. Professionals behind the platform use online journals, worksheets, and live chat sessions to help those who rely on them. However, the therapists are only available on weekdays, and you can only access them within eight hours.  

Amwell Online Therapy

Amwell is a digital telemedicine platform specializing in cognitive and physical well-being. Its core services range from basic mental wellness and psychiatry to therapy, pediatrics, and breastfeeding support. In addition, the website welcomes therapy and doctor appointments around the clock, and users can talk to psychiatrists who assess their situations and prescribe treatments.

The process entails creating an account, selecting a suitable physician, and scheduling an appointment via the website or mobile app. Each session takes about three-quarters an hour, and patients receive care from trained and specialized experts. Each session with a master’s clinician costs about $109, while talking to a doctoral physician will cost you $129. In addition, you’ll pay $279 for the first session and then about $109 for every supplement appointment.

Quit It

This mental health resource primarily focuses on smoking addiction. Almost every smoker understands the mental implications of their habit. However, knowing this alone may not prevent you from lighting up the next one. Quit It targets this huge challenge by taking a special approach. Unlike similar applications, this resource focuses on the cost factor, highlighting the impact your wallet experiences when buying a new pack.

In addition, the app computes the amount you can save whenever you stay off smoking, which is quite a motivational factor. Most users consider it their additional financial initiative to eliminate tobacco and designate the cash to a better project. 

How to Choose the Right Resources

How to Choose the Right Resources

Cognitive wellness is a huge priority, so make sure you find help from trustable professionals. You may need time to heal finally, so if you have assignments to work on, you can collaborate with academic professionals offering essays to buy.

All these mental health resources can come through for you in different ways. But not you only need a handful, so make sure you only prioritize those that befit your needs. Therefore, assess your situation to determine what will work for you.

Which specific subject concerns you? Is one on one therapy enough, or do you need the help of support groups? The answers to these questions will tell you exactly what you need.

Next, you’ll open search engines and look for the right resource. A rule of thumb is always to prioritize credible resources. Fortunately, all the items on our list meet this qualification, so choose what you feel aligns with your needs.

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