Are Essay Writing Services Legal and Ethical? Let’s Find Out!

It’s no exaggeration to say that students are bombarded with essays. Over the past decade, the average number of essays that college students are asked to write each term has increased markedly.

Over the course of the years, instructors have gradually increased the number of essays to the point that the average student is writing at least one essay a week and sometimes more, especially during peak essay times, such as midterms and finals.

With so many students facing essay challenges, it’s no wonder that so many are looking for a legit writing service to help take the burden off of their shoulders.

In this article, we’ll examine essay writing services and if they are legal and ethical. To do so, we’ll need to start with a little bit of information about what students are writing so many essays.

Assignments Are Intrinsically not Just  

In many cases, students are writing more essays because the bureaucratization of education has made it difficult for instructors to assign any other type of assignment. Rules governing accessibility mean that instructors have to justify assignments that aren’t considered fully accessible to students with diverse abilities and opportunities.

In most cases, they are required to develop alternative assignments for students with diverse abilities, particularly if an assignment requires audio or video components. The need to develop alternative assignments can make it time-consuming to assign anything but essays.

When you couple this with the need to create a rubric for each assignment, it can add extreme amounts of work to instructors who are often paid less than a living wage. 

Both Parties Suffer from Endless Writing Tasks

The dirty secret of college essays is this: As much as students hate writing them, instructors hate reading them. A recent article interviewing college personnel found that many admit to not reading essays all the way through.

Instead, writing and grading essays has become an arms race between two armed camps looking to minimize their workload while pretending to be doing increasing amounts of labor.

This has left many students looking for a way out – and where an essay writing service comes in to provide them with legit writing help online.

Every student attending college knows that there are students who get professional help with their papers from online companies. But not every student feels comfortable ordering custom essays from an online writer, both because they don’t know if the paper they receive will be up to snuff and because they are worried that ordering a paper online isn’t legal or safe.

Life Changes All the Time, Deadlines Don’t

When you receive writing tasks, at the beginning of the semester, at the beginning of some topic, or just when your professor feels like it — you think that you have plenty of time to deal with it, or, at least, you think that you can squeeze it in your schedule.

It all seems doable while you are not doing it, but planning it. And later your life changes, as it always does. Some friends need your help, you get a cold, or you eat some bad burger and spend your weekend much worse than expected, or another assignment takes much more time than you anticipated it would. It all sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

There is nothing you can do — life just goes this way. Knowing it, you should forget about the superpowers you may have in planning and writing and accept that sometimes you have to ask for help, and you have to allocate some time and money to delegate, it is vital for your success in education.

No matter how well and detailed you to plan your academic writing, there always be something that distracts you and makes it difficult to meet deadlines for each and every task. You have to be prepared.

The good news is that ordering a paper online is completely legal and safe. Writing a paper is covered under free speech laws, and anyone can write a paper on any subject allowed by law, even if it is based on someone else’s essay assignment. There is nothing illegal about writing an essay, or about sharing that essay with a friend or a client, even for cash. You cannot get into legal trouble from buying an essay, so you don’t have to worry about being arrested or going to jail.

The bigger question, though, is whether buying a paper online is legitimate. And here the question can be a little murkier because the ethics of buying a paper depend in large measure on your intentions when ordering an essay.

Some students will order an essay with the intention of turning in that paper as their own work. Nearly every college and the university has an honor code or an academic honesty policy that governs how students are to conduct themselves in their classes, and turning in another person’s work as your own is considered plagiarism, a serious academic offense.

The consequences of plagiarism can be very serious. Typically, for a first offense, a student will fail a paper, but repeat plagiarism offenses can lead to students failing a course or even being expelled from school. So, buying papers with the intention of turning them in as your own work is a bad idea.

It’s Only Your Choice: How to use purchased papers

But that doesn’t mean that there is no legitimate use for papers you purchase online. Papers bought online can be used as models for your own work, provided that you follow your school’s academic honesty policy and provide the requisite citations and acknowledgements.

By using one of these papers as a model, you are getting the same kind of help that a tutor might provide, at reduced rates and with greater detail to help you find exactly the right way to approach your paper and develop its parts.

Using a model paper when writing your own can save you time and cut out the busywork parts of essay writing so you can focus on learning the material instead of formatting and organizational busywork.

While buying an essay can be legal and ethical when used correctly, not all essay writing services are created equal. When you are planning to buy an essay, you will want to look for services that are reliable and safe.

The industry has a number of predatory paper mills that will take money while promising high-quality papers only to deliver plagiarized or recycled essays from writers whose native language is not English.

Before spending your money on a paper, do research to make sure that the company you’ve chosen to work with has a reputation for quality, uses native English speakers to write papers, and has a written revision and refund policy to protect you in case something should go wrong with your order.

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