How To Write An Effective Research Paper

Students at colleges and universities often receive a task to create a research paper that might become challenging for beginners. Research papers stand a little bit apart from the variety of academic papers because of their particularities that are well-known for proficient authors.

You can write a research paper almost on any discipline and choose an exciting topic to get inspiration. Some students deal with it quickly and never face difficulties at any stage of writing.

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For those students who are willing to complete a research paper correctly, we have collected some of the most vital hacks from skilled authors. So read on and remember the algorithm of writing an effective research paper.

What is a research paper?

Research papers usually look like extended essays. However, it has a significant distinguishing from essays because it must be broad, detailed, and contain an author’s statements. Writing a research paper requires students to add their interpretation of materials gathered on a subject.

It would help if you dealt with tons of data, collected arguments, and evaluated your research results. The subject of a research paper could be anything that requires investigation—for example, a historical event, a person, a problem, an issue, etc.

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Let us figure out how to write a research paper step by step to make it engaging and effective.

Read the instruction

Research a subject

Clarifying each aspect of writing and defining the main goal would become your initial step of writing an effective research paper. Get manuals from your teacher and read them all, paying attention to such aspects as a list of sources, suggested variants of topics, word count, type of formatting, tone of voice, recommendations on font, style, etc. Be patient enough to do not lose any critical requirement.

If you do not follow a teacher’s guidelines, you might face a pity when you score a low grade for perfect research. Some aspects of the instruction might seem unclear to you. Do not be afraid to ask your teacher for explanations.

Define a topic

After you are clear with the goal of writing and have no questions to address with your teacher, you can start to select an active topic for your research paper. Note that an issue or a research paper subject is one of the essential aspects. If you will not like the topic and will not be inspired by the area of research, you will not score a high grade for your hard work on a paper.

Therefore, you must patiently go through a list of suggested subjects to choose the one you love. Of course, you might not find an inspiring topic among the suggested ones. Be proactive and ask your teacher to help you find another research subject.

You can also find a good topic by yourself by sourcing the Internet. Note that you will need to select a topic that is not very broad because you will need to fit the specific number of pages as required in manuals.

Research a subject

When the topic is stated and you feel inspired to dig deeper into a subject, you can start providing research. To make your paper meaningful and readable, you need to include a vast list of sources into research.

The involvement of various books, blogs, websites, podcasts, vlogs, magazines, dissertations, films, interviews, and other types of sources will make your text full of interesting facts. Take it, as a rule, to always start researching by checking all sources on trustworthiness. If you are not sure that the point is correct, you had better skip it and not include it in your paper.

Think over the main thesis

When you have information about a research paper, you need to evaluate and analyze it. Start with organizing information and collecting a set of central facts and arguments you will represent to the audience.

After evaluating data, you will need to select the most valuable statement from several core thoughts of your paper. The main criteria for generating a correct main thesis is a precise and definitive formulation that reflects a subject’s core facts.

Create an outline

Outlining is one of the crucial steps of writing a research paper. If you structure a paper correctly, you will save working time and let the audience define the core aspects without difficulties.

Research papers are usually vast and contain many data. An adequately arranged outline will make your paper structural and logical. It is essential to add an outline with such elements as:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methods of research
  • Analysis and discussion
  • Future scope
  • List of references

Note that the list of sections we enclosed may vary depending on the discipline and teacher’s vision. We recombed you start writing from creating a draft and structuring your paper according to an outline. Double-check the content to ensure that you have enclosed the correct information. Follow the logical part and ensure that each paragraph is cohesively connected to another.

Edit your paper patiently

The stage of proofreading and polishing your research paper is among the essential steps of writing. We do not recommend you edit on the go. It would be best if you planned to spend at least two hours reading your work at least twice.

The first round of reading will require you to check the content and facts. The second reading round will include editing the mistakes, reducing mistypes, repeated words, etc. 

To edit effectively, you need to re-read the manuals and ensure that everything is relevant. If you paraphrase and add the borrowed content, check your paper on plagiarism to avoid trouble.


If you want to write a readable and meaningful research paper, you need to follow several essential pieces of advice. Start with reading the manuals to find out the core requirements from your teacher.

After you are clear with instructions, choose a compelling topic that you will gladly research. Create a list of sources and dig deep into a subject. After you will need to generate a working thesis. To make a research paper effective and logically structured, you will have to spend enough time outlining.

You will need to follow the teacher’s guidelines and include some essential elements in the paper. Read your paper at least twice to reduce grammar and stylistic errors. If you are not sure that you are capable enough to write a good research paper by yourself, consider applying for the help of a professional author with experience in creating research papers. We wish you good luck!

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