List of Best Free Music Download Sites – It’s Legally Free

You want to download some music but you don’t have any cash in your pockets? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here are the best free music download sites that offer high-quality music files.

Finding free music from a reliable source is not an easy task. If you do not want to get in trouble for downloading illegal tracks, you should check out the list of best free music download sites below.

There are a large of websites to download free music, and you can use it in your projects, videos, podcasts or to listen at home.

Surely you have noticed: the music and musical backgrounds that can be heard in the episodes of your favorite podcasters or the videos of the YouTubers that you like the most. Not only that, but you are surely interested in starting your own project but you can’t find a place to download music and use it.

Hey music lovers. If you are searching for the best platforms to download free music without copyright, then this post will provide you a list of best websites where you can easily download the latest updates in music genres like Pop Music, Rock Music, Rap Songs, Hip Hop Music and other latest releases.

Although it is true that there are dozens of music services with rights to use in videos and podcasts, for which you must pay a monthly fee, there are also resources with free audio, royalty-free, copyright-free and to do whatever you want.

These are the best resources to download music so that you don’t have copyright problems in your audiovisual projects, on any platform where you upload them. And once you have your extensive catalog, we recommend Strawberry to manage it with style.

What is the best site to download free music?

What is the best site to download free music?

When it comes to downloading songs and creating playlists, people have a lot of different opinions about which sites are the best. It can be hard to decide where you want to get your music. So, I decided to analyze every popular free music download site and see what they had to offer.

So where can you download songs for free? Here are the best websites to download free music that we recommend:

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube’s audio library is especially useful for people who are just starting out with their channels on the platform. All the content in the catalog is completely free of copyright so that you can use them without problem in your videos.

Besides musical themes, there are also sound effects. YouTube allows the entire catalog to be used unlimitedly in any video uploaded to the platform, regardless of whether it is monetized or not.


Yes, on Soundcloud there are also composers who upload their music to be used without rights. Many of them do it in exchange for you to leave a credit in the notes of your video or your podcast, linking to the original song.

Others don’t care if you link them or not, they let you use it completely free. There are several Soundcloud accounts that create playlists or upload songs royalty-free. One of the ones we like the most is RFMNCM.


Jamendo is, without a doubt, one of the best free music download resources on the internet. They’ve been online for years and have a huge catalog of 240,000 royalty-free tracks, along with a wide variety of music styles to choose from.

It has a search engine so you can try to find exactly what you need, even by instruments, styles, and environments. It is important that before using a song you review the limits of what you can do with each song.


Audionautix is Jason Shaw’s project, all the music in the catalog is composed and produced by him. He is an American sound engineer who publishes his work through this website, where everything is free of copyright. Everything is discounted in an unlimited way and completely free. The only thing he asks in return is that you give him credit and a link.

The catalog to download music is quite extensive with different musical styles.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive also has a fairly extensive catalog of songs under Creative Commons licenses. Like many other websites in this article, the only thing that the artists ask is that you give them the credit and a link, in order to make themselves known.

Free Music Archive also has a search engine where you can filter by license, genre, duration, if it is instrumental or not. It is a fairly simple but very fast and practical website to download music.

Important, before downloading a theme, make sure that the author gives you permission to use it freely in your projects.


Freesound is another of the longest-running music download sites on the internet. They began in 2005 in the Musical Technology Group of the Pompeu Fabra University. They now have a huge catalog of sounds, including songs, sound effects, samples, and many other formats. All are under the Creative Commons license.

You can download everything, without problems, but you must respect the license with which each piece of music or sound effect is found. Although you will never have to pay to use it, you simply have to make sure to link to the artist and not modify the work if requested.

Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is also a well-known music download website. It does not require registration, you simply browse, explore and download what you need. The only thing they ask in return is that you give credit to the artists who have composed the songs you are going to use.

Free Stock Music has different songs with different free licenses, most of which are Creative Commons. These sometimes have a bit more restrictions that go beyond simply linking to the artist. It is important that you look at exactly what the requirements are for use, although it will never be to pay for the musical piece.

Download Music Without Copyright

Download Music Without Copyright

Why should you download music without copyright if you are going to use it in your own projects?

Remember, every song is copyrighted and behind the creation of these pieces there is a lot of effort and work. It is normal that those who composed and recorded those songs want to receive financial compensation if you want to use it for your own project.

Also, if you decide to use songs by another artist, without asking permission before, or without paying copyright, it is possible that the platforms where you upload your video or your audio have copyright detectors. If they have not verified that you gave the compensation for their use, they can penalize you.

But there are some other creators who have chosen to offer their themes royalty-free using free licenses or Creative Commons licenses. They do it so that their work is known, or to help other people who are starting with their own projects.

What is the reason to download music without copyright? The simple answer is that you want to listen to it or you want to use it in your projects.

No matter if you are a newbie or seasoned audiophile. It is important to ensure that you’re using copyright free music.

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