Best Methods To Use For Your Instagram Page Promotion

Did you know that one of the most important things when it comes to promoting your Instagram page is choosing the right method? There are a lot of them out there and they are constantly changing. Maybe not as often as Instagram but they do come and go. It gets very confusing sometimes. So what method do I use on my own Instagram? Let me walk you through some of the best method for your Instagram promotion.

In 2022 new coming bloggers on Instagram often run into the problem of not realizing how to start with their promotion. Today it is harder to do because the number of talented content creators has skyrocketed through the rough during the last years – nobody questions the fact that an online career can be a full fledged career, and therefore, the ones who decide to join the party now might be having problems with overcoming the competition and other obstacles on their way towards popularity. 

However, thanks to the progress, today the sphere of online promotion is highly developed, and you can easily come to help from third party services and specialists who can take a wheel and lead your page straight to success. But this is not on everybody’s budget: are there universal tools that anybody can use with minimum expenses and reach success quickly?

Yes: in this article, we will be talking about the 5 best methods to use for your Instagram page promotion this year. If you’d use all of those pieces of advice altogether, you will see how quickly the situation on your account will change for the better. 

Surely, you can buy Instagram followers straight away, but we’d recommend first taking care of your page and learning how to work with hashtags and geolocation. 

Have you always wondered what are the best methods to use for your Instagram page promotion? I’ve asked myself this same question and decided to take a closer look at some of them. Here is what I found!

The first Method – Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags

The first methods that we will be talking about are the correct usage of hashtags. Today you cannot use up to 30 hashtags in one post as it was before: this is bad manners now, people don’t perceive posts with such a number of tags as qualitative and appealing now.

To make your publications more visible to other people and at the same time save their nice “appearance”, you need to stop by 5 to 15 tags for one publication. And correct them the right way: start by changing your mindset to the mindset of your potential reader or customer.

What words would they use to search for your content or your goods? Write those words down and then filter them, starting from the widest term to the narrowest one. Your hashtags collection should include various words of various specificity, and this is how you will be able to make your post seen several times more often.

Second Method – Geotags

Geotag is the most important thing in Instagram posting. Using geotags in a more creative way can also help a lot. Are you using your current location? Forget about that: monitor the city and think of locations that people might be used for researching interesting events, cafes, shops, etc. Is this close to you? If yes, use the geotag, if no, still use the geotag but note your actual location in the bio. 

Third Method – Buy Real Instagram Followers

The third method that we’re going to discuss is the possibility to buy real Instagram followers. This can be used at the very start of the online career, so as somewhere in the process – suitable for beginners and for advanced bloggers.

The main nuance here – the purchase should be suitable to the current “size” of the page, so if you have 100 subscribers, you cannot purchase 1000 straight away; it is better done in small “portions” so that the audience that follows you won’t suspect any fraud here. 

Plus, you have to really check the quality of the shown services, and never pay anybody your money before you do that. You need only authentic and real subscribers for your page, bots and fakes are highly unnecessary. 

Fourth Method – PR from Bloggers

The fourth method is PR from bloggers, it can be free or paid. Those are two different methods because the efficiency varies drastically and the amount of effort spent too. If you’re willing to save some money, you should try to work with bloggers who have the same number of subscribers as you do or a little bit more than that: write them an offer to collaborate and “exchange” the audience, join them.

Sadly enough, beginner bloggers often underestimate this option, thinking that nobody else is interested in such things. This is not true: if you’d take time to find the words and reach out to people, you’re going to be surprised at how good the results are going to be. 

The paid PR is different; basically, this is a service that you order from a professional blogger, who is going to natively advertise your page to their audience. You can prepare a unique and interesting post or a story and pay them money to spread it around their viewers.

You can prepare a unique and interesting post or a story making use of a video editor for Instagram and pay them money to spread it around their viewers.

This way you will be able to get a permanent and specific audience that is already interested in your content and is ready to support it and buy something from you if you’re here to sell goods and services. 

Fifth Method – Targeted Ads On Instagram

The last method that should be used last as well as targeted ads on Instagram.

Why, though? Because when you’re coming to that level of information distribution, you should seem successful and professional, so that people who will be seeing your ad everywhere realize in advance that you are totally worth following.

Use all of the previous services before setting a targeted ad and start gradually with it as well: don’t rush for a huge audience reach from the very beginning; aim for fewer people first and check your “audience’s interests” settings first. Don’t forget that you can use the interests from the neighboring niches as well; it will help you to expand the circle of possible ad viewers and potential readers of your profile.

One of the best methods of promoting your Instagram is a competent study of your target audience and drawing up a content strategy based on its interests. To do this, we recommend using the reliable Snoopreport tool. With it, you can add any public profiles to the tracking and receive weekly reports on their likes, hashtags, comments, follows, and interests. Instagram tracker handles everything in the cloud and shows you insights about someone’s activity on Instagram.

Summing Up

Not everybody is born with an intuitive knowledge of social media. For many bloggers and entrepreneurs, social media marketing is a skill that needs to be learned, and even then it can still be tough to get right. Brands that have been around for a while have had a chance to strengthen their brand voice on several platforms.

If you’re here for quick, tangible, and mind-blowing results, it is best to combine all of the options we’ve talked about previously and never stop working on generating quality and appealing content. Stay in touch with your audience, try to show them something unique, and add your opinion and soul to all the posts you’re putting forward.

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