A Comprehensive Guide To Sell Bitcoins For Beginners

Are you looking to buy Bitcoin for the first time? Or, have you bought into the whole frenzy and are wondering how to sell your Bitcoins? Maybe you’re just asking around but want to make sure it is safe before going through with it. This comprehensive guide will teach you all about the best ways to sell Bitcoins for beginners and make money from this growing market.

As you may already know, Bitcoin zeal assert is a digital currency that is not regulated by any central authority, which makes it quite susceptible to fall into fraudulent activities if one isn’t fully aware of how to sell them. 

Bitcoin is one of the Profound inventions of the 21st century; while it has been recently recognized and accepted as a medium of exchange officially by several well-known countries, the value of bitcoin is unfathomable. The higher yield in return drives investors and buyers to get their hands on it. However, that doesn’t mean bitcoin or AltCoin always has a higher value. There were times when the value of this digital currency came down to very low. 

Know more about the criterion to get the best benefits by selling Bitcoins

This article will provide you with essential knowledge that you will require when going out to sell your Bitcoins, along with a few preventive measures that you might want to undertake. So, keep reading this article to learn more about selling Bitcoins.

Sell Bitcoins

Typically, there are three ways through which you can sell Bitcoins. These methods are highly efficient and applicable. But first of all, you need to choose the right wallet, hot or cold wallet in which you can store the Bitcoins and exchange or sell them later also


Exchanges are third-party platforms where you can sell your Bitcoins. Being a third-party service, they are reliable and trustworthy when selling your Bitcoins. However, before you opt for an exchange platform, make sure to confirm whether they are well reputed or not. 

In every exchange platform, before you initiate the transaction, you must create a user profile that will require complete verification and your bank account for the funds to get deposited. 

Once you create the account and complete verification, you may place a sell on your desired number of Bitcoins. Find out that decentralized exchange from where you can carry on with your transaction process very fast. 


When opting for an exchange, evaluate the fees policy beforehand to stay safe. 

It also has limitations on how many coins you can transfer and the amount you can acquire. So, make sure to look into it as well. For example, you should take care of your security while you go for setting up your entire account. You should also make sure to have the right internet connection and power supply. 

Direct Trade

Direct trade involves a seller selling their coins directly to a buyer. You can avail of this service through different trading platforms available on the web, along with a few websites. 

All you have to do is, verify yourself as a seller and post on the platform about your intention to sell the coins. 

When an interested buyer comes across your post, they will contact you. As an investor your main target will be to build your wealth for a future trial, you should check how to build wealth on a long-term basis.

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These platforms merely act as intermediates. So, before you decide to sell your coins, you need to ensure whether the buyer is genuine or not. For that, you need to ensure whether the platform is reliable. 

This method is also time-consuming since it will only occur if an interested buyer.

Peer to-Peer Trading

Peer to Peer (P2P) Trading is the fastest way to sell Bitcoins. To do this, the first thing that you need is to choose a reliable platform to initiate the transaction. 

In this method as well, you will have to wait until the buyer approaches you; once they approach you, you may arrange a meeting and initiate the transaction. 

The P2P method is reliable, and it is specifically designed to benefit both buyer and seller equally.


The P2P method is extremely secure and Highly efficient. However, make sure to steer away from tricksters. For example, you must know the difference between trading and investing as for every kind of trading you do, you get better returns and types of benefits that ensure steady growth of your funds.

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All the ways mentioned above to sell Bitcoins are highly effective and quite beneficial if you can avoid any fraud and tricksters. Without a doubt, bitcoin is a worthy asset to invest in.

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