New To Bitcoins? Get The Scoop On This Digital Currency

Bitcoin is a digital currency, sometimes referred to as “crypto-currency” or “virtual money.” It was the first type of currency to exist purely online. More people are using Bitcoins than ever before and they keep growing in value. Some online shops accept Bitcoins instead of dollars, euros, or pounds.

The surge of cryptocurrency exceeds with Bitcoin has paved a revolutionary future. It has led to the digital financial revolution and introduced us to the concept of decentralized finance. The crypto world operates directly between the two parties, so you don’t need a 3rd party. This has paved the way for a new mode of transaction that is faster and more transparent. 

At the same time, Bitcoin transactions are also digitally secure and free from data breaches and theft attempts. But is everything good about Bitcoin? This informative article is an attempt to enforce certain details about Bitcoin that you should know before investing in it. Read on to know more in detail!

Unveiling the truth about Bitcoin

Unveiling the truth about Bitcoin

The world of digital currency keeps getting more and more complicated. The digital currency Bitcoin has been getting a lot of attention lately, with the value of a single coin reaching record heights.

New currencies are popping up every day, existing coins can be hard to understand, and exchanges can be a real hassle to work with. But what’s the real story behind Bitcoin? We’ve done our best to synthesize all that information into a guide that’s clear, informative, and even fun!

Bitcoin is a bubble and will soon bust- 

We have been hearing this was when Bitcoin was introduced in the market. The cryptocurrency concept was a fairly new add initially, and people compared it to a bubble. Something that is going to expand exponentially and is then going to burst.

Considering the current trend in the cryptocurrency market and the way the value of Bitcoin is fluctuating, it is difficult to assume whether Bitcoin is going to last or not. Most investors consider investing in Bitcoin as a long-term option. However, we cannot completely undermine the risk associated with it; hence, it is important to consider this aspect if you’re planning to invest in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin in cryptocurrencies is only used for illicit activities- 

This is one of the key apprehensions surrounding the cryptocurrency market. Sil’s Bitcoin transactions are not regulated. Add a noted store data center server. The absence of 3rd party makes it difficult to keep a tab on who is using the cryptocurrency.

Although the identity of the user does not remain completely anonymous, it is difficult to find the identity. Yes, they are certain illicit activities for which Bitcoin is used, but countries have introduced regulations to govern their crypto transaction, thereby reducing the risk of its use for illegal activities.

The value of Bitcoin has dipped exponentially- 

As we have mentioned above, the value of Bitcoin has been fluctuating in the last few years. In 2021 the value of Bitcoin exponentially rose to a mark of $60,000, and in May, that has been a sudden dip in the value of cryptocurrency. This value has come down to $30,000. Hence it is difficult to assume a certain pattern of rising in fall in the pricing of cryptocurrencies.

We have lost around 20% of the Bitcoin- 

If you are aware of the currency market, you would know that there are a limited number of cryptocurrencies in circulation. To keep the seamless flow of cryptocurrency in mind continuously.

This is primarily because the individuals holding the cryptos of Bitcoin have lost their keys. Once you’ve lost the keys, it is difficult to retrieve it back. As per the estimated reports, almost 20% of Bitcoins are known to be lost forever.

Bitcoin mining is a highly energy-consuming process- 

Well, this cannot be false because the mining process requires a huge amount of energy to support the systems so that they run continuously and the miners can solve mathematical problems. The energy consumed in Bitcoin mining is equivalent to the energy consumed by some the nations like Ireland.

Hence, we cannot be completely detached from the fact that the mining process adds to the energy consumption, which eventually increases the value and cost of the cryptocurrency.


Buy now you are aware of the cryptocurrency market and the crypto world’s myth. Not everything you hear about cryptocurrency is true, but you should also not decide because of the high created in the market. Investing in cryptocurrency is the latest trend and is driving many new-age investors to be a part of the crypto community. 

However, one must always register themselves on a credible platform like Immediate Edge. This platform has been created to provide a safe and hassle-free trading experience to beginners as well as the pro players of the trading world. With simple registration steps, you can start trading with ease.

So, make sure that you gain extensive knowledge about crypto wallets before choosing one, and then being with the registration process. Make sure that you run through all the terms and conditions before deciding.

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