Efficient Tips on How to Write a Creative Essay

Creative essay writing is writing that deviates from the standard forms of journalistic, technical, academic, or literary writing. Creative essay writing tends to be original and different from the more traditional writing types that exist.

Creating and showing new topics are some of its goals. Every time you write in search of originality and try to use a certain effect in writing, you will be doing this type of writing. One type of creative writing is writing an essay. If you need to deal with a creative essay but don’t know how to do it right, you can get help from an essay writing service like EssayShark. A professional writer will write a sample for you that you can use for creative writing. 

Characteristics of creative essay writing

These are the most famous:

  • Originality. It’s about presenting a fresh, different, new approach that evokes a sense of innovation in the user who reads it.
  • It doesn’t imitate existing genres but is a way to break away from existing traditional patterns.
  • Unleashing the author’s talent and imagination when doing creative writing.

What are the differences between academic and creative writing?

Check out the most important differences:

  • Academic writing is more typical of the scientific field.
  • The purpose of academic writing is usually didactic.
  • Persuasion, arguing, and informing are key when working with this type of writing.
  • It uses a number of very sophisticated resources, very precise vocabulary, and informative phrases so that you inform the recipient at any time.
  • Creative writing is more than traditional writing like academic writing.
  • Imagination and originality are the two characteristic weapons.
  • The authors who implement it tend to come up with situations, themes, or things, thus creating a sense of innovation and novelty.
  • Creative writing is not like any other genre and does not use the classical pattern of writing.

What promotes creative essay writing?

Here are its benefits:

  • Creative essay writing improves the ability to learn, empathize and think. It is highly recommended for children.
  • It expands your vocabulary and knowledge with new expressions.
  • It helps improve the ability to concentrate and think when writing.
  • It is an educational tool and will improve the vocabulary of people who participate in activities related to creative writing.
  • It is an element of leisure. It can entertain and teach at the same time.
  • Creativity and imagination will increase with this type of writing.
  • This is a very motivating activity not only for children, but for adults as well, as it is they who will create texts based on their imagination.

Tips for writing creative essays

These tips will be of great help:

  • Take a notepad or tape recorder with you to record what you see or think of. You can even take photos, which can inspire you to write or videos of things that spark your curiosity. We can’t get inspiration all the time, so, when it arises, take advantage of it.
  • Write whatever you can think of, whether it makes sense or not. You will then give your writing a shape. Even if it sounds crazy at first, it can be useful later during creating your essays.
  • Write down the stories that are told to you, observe reality, look around and use what you see for inspiration.
  • Follow the news and events that happen daily. The web and new technologies allow us to write about interesting things.
  • You may or may not develop a fiction that may be based on your imagination or on situations, which you know or have experienced. Thus, connecting with society and the people will inspire you to write content.
  • Let’s consider the structure. While creative writing does not use a traditional pattern, it is useful to distinguish between several actions: beginning, main body, and end. In the introduction, you should introduce the hero or main characters of the story. As you are writing the body, the problem starts to show up or the story that is about to happen. Finally, in the conclusion, show how the story unfolds. Whether it’s a sad, happy, tragic ending, or it may be an open ending, where everyone has their own vision of what has happened.
  • Present a point of view. It gives the reader an understanding of the author’s personal opinion. As mentioned above, thanks to this, the text acquires the features of personalization. A vivid example is the description of a real crime in the novel “In Cold Blood” by Truman Garcia Capote. Of course, the presentation of a story in a fictional novel is different from how it would be presented in a news article. By the way, there are three options for presenting the author’s point of view – from the first, second or third person. Depending on this, the description of events and their perception will change.
  • Quickly write an essay using the prompt. You can find such prompts on the web or in other people’s essays. These are words, phrases, sentences, preambles of stories, or a picture – you can use anything that will give impetus to writing. Such an approach motivates the brain to generate new ideas based on the material already available.
  • Write a dialogue like it’s some kind of a script. This is an idea provided by professional critic Gloria Russell. The thing is that writers often focus on location and emotions description but miss the dialogue importance. In this exercise, there is an opportunity to present the opposite – to make the conversation the critical thing. This will help to correctly place accents.


Creative essay writing is the result of working on your skills. Don’t focus only on essay writing, but practice different styles. You will train your mind by using new techniques for yourself.

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