Five Best Apps to Download For Seniors

Did you know that around seventy percent of adults aged 60 and above now have a smartphone? If you are among those elders who own a smartphone, then we are sure you must be aware of all the incredible mobile apps that are found within them. 

Whether you are video calling your grandson, playing fun games with your besties, checking Twitter, or getting directions to reach your required destination, a mobile app will always be there to help you out. 

Smartphone apps can effectively educate, delight and even make your life quite convenient and efficient. They help you attain the most out of the technological gadget in your pocket also known as a smartphone. 

However, with almost one million applications present for smartphones today, it is quite easy to get confused and overwhelmed. In this article, we have combined a list of popular applications for seniors that are user-friendly and can greatly enhance the quality of your life. So grab a cup of tea and keep reading. 

1. Facebook Mobile

Seniors making use of the web version of this social media app on their computers already are aware of how helpful it can actually be. It can assist you in staying connected with your friends, distant family, colleagues, etc. 

You can send and receive messages, or just simply sign in to check what everyone else has been up to. It is an incredible way to attain updates and pictures from your grandkids who have gone off to other cities for college or enjoy the video of your baby grandchild taking his initial steps.

For elders leading super busy routines, installing the Facebook app for their tablets or mobile phones may actually be a nice option. If you are also tired of accessing Facebook using the web and now want to try your luck with apps, then check out its app. If you lead a farm life and want to keep your family updated on your daily routine, then Facebook is the app to go about it. However, it could get quite difficult for you to find a decent internet connection in the countryside. For this, we suggest getting a subscription to HughesNet Internet español (for Spanish speakers only) since this satellite provider is known for delivering decent speed, which is perfect for Facebook browsing and uploading.  

Once you are done signing up with a solid internet connection, you can go ahead, download the Facebook app, and easily stay connected to your friends and family members. 

2. Skype

If you want to stay in touch with your peers and relatives and feel like video calling them now and then, then downloading Skype on your mobile phone would be an incredible idea. You can easily make audio and video calls through Skype using the internet. Interact with your loved ones and see them live on your smartphone. 

Moreover, Skype can be effectively used to call smartphones as well as landlines in addition to making long, video calls. Very convenient and cost-effective. 

3. Pill Monitor

Staying active and focusing on your well-being is awesome for your health. However, forgetting to take significant medications can result in severe health conditions that will eventually stop you from participating in enjoyable activities. 

If you think you easily forget things and want to keep track of all your medicines, then downloading the Pill Monitor app on your smartphone would be the way to go. This app will ensure that you don’t forget your daily medicine intake. 

Moreover, the application enables you to switch on reminders according to date and time. You can also easily send your physician a complete log of medicines that you have already taken. 

4. Lumosity

This app makes use of complicated puzzles as well as brainteasers that help you stay sharp. These puzzles polish your analytical skills and end up making you smarter and more clever. As per the app’s director of Communications, Lumosity is built on the concept of neuroplasticity, the idea that your brain can essentially modify and reorganize its functions given the correct type of challenges. 

The best part about the app is that its free as well as paid versions are available for both IOS and Android users. So seniors can easily install this app on their phones and use it to hone their memory, attention, and problem-solving capabilities.  

5. Old Time Radio 24

Do you miss the old times, when you would sing along the melodious songs that would instantly rejuvenate your soul? If nostalgia is hitting you hard, then downloading the app ‘Old Time Radio 24’ would take you back to those times when music was calm and soothing to the ears. 

You’ll be surprised to know that this app offers 35 incredible music stations from the 1920s and 70s. This app will bless you with all the songs of your younger, teenage years. The app will effectively operate in the background of your smartphone so you can still easily use it to send texts and carry out all your other activities while listening to your favorite old songs. 

Final Words

It is about time that everyone should start taking advantage of smartphones and the technology of the internet. This is why we suggest checking out the five best apps that we have mentioned for our seniors will make their lives convenient, simple, and fun. So install them all and thank us later. 

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