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You might have heard about the concept of a part-time job. It’s a way to make some extra money or just to explore new options for your time. But what you may not know is that there are many different jobs out there that require a lot less time than other positions. In fact, some of the best marketing jobs can be completed in as little as two hours a week.

Being a marketing student, you can’t help but think about what you’d do if you didn’t go to class. In every marketing class, there’s always a small group of students who are already brainstorming on what they could do part-time that would allow them to turn their coursework into income.

If you’re one of those people, this article is for you! There are some fantastic jobs out there for those with a passion for marketing. Not only will these jobs help pay your tuition and provide great experience for future jobs, but they also let you meet people who could be great contacts moving forward in your career path.

Marketing students in business

Since most employers require students to have experience, young people must acquire basic work skills before graduating from college or university. Almost every position “for students” requires years of experience and already fully developed professional skills.

Of course, it isn’t easy to combine study and work. It will take a lot of effort, self-discipline, and organization to maintain a certain level of productivity in both planes. But if you want and use at least the basic principles of time management to learn and earn at the same time is quite real.

Currently, students of various specialties forge on the Internet, and many choose such work as the main. And it is easy to explain – here, and you have no spatial or temporal limitations in work. In addition, with Internet technology’s development, online earnings’ popularity has grown significantly. Large investments will not be required regardless of the type of work performed. It is enough to have a computer with a stable network connection.

Are you a marketing student? Are you looking for part-time job ideas? If your reply to these questions is yes then this post is for you. We have compiled the 7 best part-time job options for marketing students.

The best part-time job ideas for students

The best part-time job ideas for students

The best way for marketing students to get the job experience they need is by starting a part-time job. But with so many part-time jobs in the marketing field, it can often be difficult to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. This makes finding a part-time job that fits your schedule and interests hard. We’ve put together a list of 7 part-time job ideas for marketing students to help you find your next great gig!


Tutor. Any knowledge and skills can be used as capital. It is quite possible to earn on them, teaching others. In fact, you can earn any skill. But at first, it will be challenging to find customers. Today, students often make money by helping school or college students learn the wisdom of a subject. You can contact companies that work in this field. Maybe they will find a place for you if you are well versed in something and have pedagogical skills.

The promoter:

The promoter is a popular solution among young people. Responsibilities include handing out flyers or working with life-size figures. The job, at first glance, is simple but requires a lot of physical effort because promoters rarely manage to sit – usually need to stand or walk for hours, sometimes – on the street in the cold, rain, or heat. The main thing is to choose a reliable employer who will pay for services on time.

The writer:

The writer in the WriteMyEssay platform. There are many online platforms where students can order their writing assignments from professional authors. On the other hand, it is also an excellent alternative for students who have good writing skills and do not have reach experience. 

SMM promotion:

SMM promotion is the promotion of goods or services on social networks. This area is especially in demand today because many buyers seek what they need through social networks. The advantage of this option is that you can learn both in paid courses and for free if you carefully study the information available in free access. The primary condition for success in SMM is to find a niche and the ability to write sales posts.


Handmade. For your business to bring not only money but also pleasure, you should base it on your favorite activity. From this point of view, creating the author’s products is an ideal option. However, it is important to understand what can produce the maximum profit to make a profit. To find and attract customers when creating copyrighted products, social networks, forums, and free classified sites are often used. Besides, selling online saves a considerable amount of money on advertising.

Organization of tours and events:

In this case, you can work with travel agencies, various entertainment centers, and recreation centers. Your task is to gather a group and get your percentage.

Organization of purchases from foreign sites:

Students love to dress well and want to use new gadgets. You can take over the organization of purchases of clothes and small electronics from foreign sites and form collective orders while receiving the organizing percentage.

Writing service – the best alternative for students!

Writing service – the best alternative for students!

Many students and companies worldwide are looking for content that best suits their needs. If you can turn your ideas and thoughts into convincing words, think about doing it professionally – check out writing services such as write my essay and how they work. A good writing service can quickly become a regular provider of completed tasks and help students over the years. 

All authors pass the necessary selection and have a certain set of qualities. Thanks to a strong team of specialists and a well-established system for completing tasks, such companies can guarantee the quality and timeliness of any amount of work.

Final Word

We have given you an array of job opportunity ideas that are tailored to students who are in the marketing field. This comes as the result of our team’s research and investigations. We hope that this list will be able to get those who have an interest in marketing a foot into their first marketing position.

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