List of Clothing Brand Names – Unique Clothing Store Names

Brand names are an important consideration for any business. A great brand name helps draw attention and create the right impression. It can also be used as a unique way to promote your clothing store, which can help it stand out from competitors on social media

This is an important part of starting up a new clothing brand and business. Especially if you just want to get started right away. You shouldn’t spend months or years trying to find the perfect brand name. This can cost you valuable time and money. 

If you are into the industry, you probably know how difficult it is to choose a good name for your company. So, Choosing a clothing brand name can be difficult. On the other hand, if you don’t have any experience, it might be even harder to find a perfect name in your quest for a great online clothing store name

But, you haven’t taken any panic for it! In this article, we describe how to choose good clothing brand names and mentioned a list of clothing brand name ideas.

Let us present…!

What does Clothing Brand Means?

A clothing brand means a company, who is producing and selling clothing. Clothing brand refers to the fashion industry, designer clothing, and clothes manufacturing. Clothing brand simply refers to a series of notable and recognized trademarks available in the global market. The clothing brand includes different kinds of fashion products, like clothing, accessories, home decoration items, etc.

What is a Clothing Brand Name?

A clothing brand name is the name of the company, product, and service. Clothing brand names are the key to building a successful brand because they are visual and memorable. They can become an instantly recognizable part of your company’s identity and help to build credibility and trust with your customers.

The company name can be used in its entirety or it can be shortened to fit better on your product labels and packaging.

How To Choose Unique Clothing Brand Names?

How To Choose Unique Clothing Brand Names?

Select clothing brand names that are relevant to your target audience and encourage them to focus on the unique qualities of your merchandise. You can also use colors or symbols that have a special significance to the product that you sell, such as using red for blood-tinged products or green for environmentally friendly ones.

Do not use trademarked words, names or phrases unless you have permission from the owner to do so.

There are many factors that go into the decision of choosing a brand name. The first is to make sure your brand name has no relation to any other existing brands or businesses.

One of the biggest mistakes a new business makes is to claim an identity and name that is already used by a large corporation.

This can reach far and wide as your brand may pick up traction, so it’s important to do some research on the web before settling on a name. Another key factor is ensuring your potential customers will be able to easily find you online when they search for specific products, services, or categories associated with your industry.

Top 10 Best Selling Clothing Brands Names

Are you intrigued with the list of best selling clothing brands? If yes, you definitely should look at the below. Here you will find out the list of the top 10 best clothing brands that have made it possible to become a fashion icon.

Coth brand name list:

  2. GUCCI
  4. PRADA
  9. FENDI
  10. ARMANI

What are the Best Clothing Brand In The World?

Have you ever wondered who the best selling clothing brands in the world are? Most readers have never heard of these companies, but their products are sold in department stores worldwide.

It’s a surprise to see these brands on top of the list. But even more shocking is their low ranking when compared to some of its competitors.

Here is the list of best clothing brands in the world:

Brand NamesCountry
NikeUnited States
Louis VuittonFrance
Tiffany & Co.United States
COACHUnited States
Chow Tai FookChina
BurberryUnited Kingdom
The North FaceUnited States
Ralph LaurenUnited States
Victoria’s SecretUnited States
Levi’sUnited States

Top 10 Most Valuable Fashion Brands Name In 2022

Top 10 Most Valuable Fashion Brands Name

Every year these top 10 clothing brands are always a hot topic with many new names and faces in the Top 10 all over the world. Below I’m going to show you the current top 10 best clothing brands in the world, even though it may be different where you live, these are the real names to watch out for this year.

Top fashion brand names are:

3Louis VuittonFrance16.514.8Fashion

Note: According to their market valuation for the last two years, these are the top 10 fashion brands in the world right now.

To start any clothing business it is important to choose the best cloth company name, in below we suggested some clothing business names.

List Of Clothing Brand Names Suggestions – Choose Unique Name For Clothing Business

If you’re looking to start a clothing company and need a name, this can help. I researched more than 81 lists of clothing brand names to compile a list of clothing brand names. Use these ideas and choose an amazing name.

This is a list of clothing brand names that are not only unique but also catchy. These names can be used in your clothing store or product line. Clothing Brand Names List helps you come up with ideas for naming your clothing brand.

Here we listed a few online clothing brand name ideas for your business.

Cloth Icon
Cloth Daisy
Cloth Continental
Cloth Lucious
Cloth Matte
Cloth Vortex
Cloth Diva
Cloth Elegant
Cloth Flair
Cloth Refine
Cloth Magna
Cloth Collusion
Cloth Infatuate
Cloth Hush
Cloth Vogue
Cloth Hackel
Cloth Hummingbird
Cloth Foundation
Cloth Esthetic
Cloth Keep
Cloth Deific
Cloth Resort
Cloth Clue
Cloth Threads
Cloth Gentle
Cloth Siren
Cloth FX
Cloth Electrifying
Cloth Order
Cloth Sombre
Cloth Blend
Cloth Advanced
Couture Shift

Cloth Rave
Cloth Ample
Cloth Carnations
Cloth Colossal
Cloth Fierce
Cloth Jam
Cloth Femme
Cloth Street
Cloth Reign
Cloth Ruby
Cloth Fab
Cloth Mane
Cloth Quaint
Cloth Bunco
Cloth Galore
Cloth Exuberant
Cloth Spellbound
Cloth Blueprint
Cloth Rage
Cloth Wick
Cloth Sapphire
Cloth Polished
Cloth Bling
Cloth Tiger
Cloth Adore
Cloth Dune
Cloth Value
Cloth Hill
Cloth Scope

Cloth Peek
Cloth Entice
Cloth Brainy
Cloth Enlivening
Cloth Deluxe
Cloth Happening
Cloth Dud
Cloth Jaded
Cloth Bone
Cloth Lambent
Cloth Complete
Cloth August
Cloth Desirable
Cloth Loop
Cloth Boost
Cloth Spot
Cloth Leader
The Cloth Club
Cloth Tags
Cloth Grid
Cloth Plus
Cloth Feed
Cloth Post
Cloth Dock
Cloth Design
Cloth Line
Cloth Solutions

Names for Apparel Business

Looking for some suggestions for apparel brand names? I’ve got you covered! Let’s look through the following examples of apparel brand name suggestions to see what they look like.

Apparel Glamour
Apparel Basic
Apparel Shadow
Apparel Renewing
Apparel Stallion
Apparel Wow
Apparel Crossroads
Apparel Zeal
Apparel Spike
Apparel Antidote
Apparel Hummingbird
Apparel Bewitch

Apparel Foxy
Apparel Divine
Apparel Clique
Apparel Youthful
Apparel Stake
Apparel Angelic
Apparel Dusk
Apparel Colorway
Apparel Siren

Apparel Seductress
Apparel Coveted
Apparel Diamond
Apparel Garment
Apparel Tog
Apparel Lacey

Names for Boutique Business

Your boutique brand is your baby — it’s a delicate name that relies on your vision and creativity to set you apart from the rest of the market. It’s your dream, so it needs the perfect name. 

Here are some boutique brand name suggestions:

Boutique Pamper
Boutique Bones
Boutique Ally
Boutique Revolve
Boutique Flossy
Boutique Wear
Boutique Shining
Boutique Clinical
Boutique Flex

Boutique Dune
Boutique Cue
Boutique Daydream
Boutique Bear
Boutique August
Boutique Ayesha
Boutique Ville
Boutique Notch

Boutique Swanky
Boutique Ageless
Boutique Lit
Boutique Pegasus
Boutique Tempting

Names for Fashion Business

Are you trying to find a name for your clothing line? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Below, you will find the best fashion brand names suggestions as starting points when brainstorming apparel brand names. Each of them are unique but also has a similar style.

Fashion Club
Fashion Miss
Fashion Lit
Fashion Amore
Fashion Opulent
Fashion Idol
Fashion Luxe
Fashion Hypnotizing
Fashion Madonna
Fashion Blaze
Fashion Fascinate
Fashion Dune
Fashion Remarkable
Fashion Exception
Fashion Defy
Fashion Amethyst
Fashion Radiate
Fashion Swank
Fashion Enthralling
Fashion Amber
Fashion Nude
Fashion Belle
Fashion Collusion
Fashion Cosmic

Fashion Topic
Fashion Lax
Fashion Madam
Fashion Mammoth
Fashion Wish
Fashion Captivating
Fashion Tuck
Fashion Ample
Fashion Silhouette
Fashion Avenge
Fashion Steep
Fashion Lilac
Fashion Ally
Fashion Lioness
Fashion Lustrous
Fashion Gracious
Fashion Clio
Fashion Jade
Fashion Diamond
Fashion Unforgettable
Fashion Sprightly
Fashion Siren
Fashion Athena

Fashion Aphrodite
Fashion Gear
Fashion Haute
Fashion Eternal
Fashion Splash
Fashion Slick
Fashion Kissable
Fashion Lynx
Fashion Habitat
Fashion Sprite
Fashion Modish
Fashion Knockout
Fashion Radiant
Fashion Looker
Fashion Darling
Fashion Hush
Fashion Shadow
Fashion Enchanting
Fashion Magnolia
Fashion Hottie
Fashion Closet

Popular Name For Clothing Brand

Naming a company that manufactures clothing is tough and remember you’ll be living with this name for many years to come.

The Style Club
The Style Factory
Style Hub
Style Sync
Real Style
Style Scan
Style Line
Style Storm
Style Tilt
Active Style
Style Lab
Style Spot
Style Flow
Style Prime

Style Now
Style Option
Style Level
Style Centre
Style Skill
Style Vibe
Style Layer
Style Solutions
Style Capsule
Style Crew
Style Inc
Style Shift
Style Gear
Solid Style
Style Span
The Style Studio
Style Blend
Style Logic
Style Snap

Clear Style
Core Style
Style Method
Style Verge
Style Press
Style Design
Style Space
Style Start
Style Light
Style Sense
Style Scape
Style Drop
Style Store
Style Engine
Style Mark
Style Yard
Style Way
Style Post


Each brand has its own personality, so although one name might sound great, it might not fit your brand image as well as you thought it would. But there’s good news-choosing a perfect name doesn’t have to be as complicated and time consuming as you may think.

We have scoured the Internet to find the best and most unique clothing store names. If you are thinking about starting your own clothing store, then take a look above and find out some of these truly “unique” clothing store names.

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