List of Largest Flea Market in The United States

Flea Markets are a great place to pick up collectibles, antiques, and hidden treasures. If you are here for this reason and are looking to shop, there is a Flea Market in your area and they offer something no other store can. They allow buyers to haggle on price. Yes, you read correctly, haggle with the seller on price.

If you love to shop, then you might be interested in one of those shops that sell lots of items or products. A flea market is a type of street market that provides space for vendors to sell previously-owned merchandise. This type of market is often seasonal so if the flea markets are new to you, it can be really exciting!

However, in recent years there has been the development of ‘formal’ and ‘casual’ markets which divide a fixed-style market (formal) with long-term leases and a seasonal-style market with short-term leases.

Flea markets in the United States have a rich history that goes back to New York City in the 1700s. They are found all over America’s neighborhoods and towns. Flea markets continue to grow in popularity despite the growing popularity of online shopping.

They have become more sophisticated than just old junk lying around. You can still find some great treasures at flea markets, but you’ll also find some junk. Before you head off to your local flea market, you should know how to conduct one successful flea market search.

What Are Flea Markets?

What Are Flea Markets

A flea market is a market where secondhand goods are sold.

Basically, a flea market is a type of street market where merchants sell antiques, vintage clothing, collectibles, used goods, furniture, and others. They may also sell items from garage sales.

Flea markets are a great place to buy and sell just about anything, including collectibles.

Flea markets are open-air street markets that exhibit a wide range of goods that include antiques and collectibles. The markets are used by many vendors and customers to trade or sell goods at an inexpensive cost. 

The Flea Market is always a fantastic option for those who want to shop for anything under the sun. If you are looking for fun and enjoyment for the whole family, there is nothing better than visiting the most popular flea markets in town. From antiques, vintage items, and modern furniture you can find almost anything under the sun at these flea markets.

So, explore the local flea markets and thrift stores in a city near you./

Let’s jump into the focus point, here we listed a few well known flea markets near me with their address.

Best Flea Market in New York – List of Flea Markets NYC

Looking for flea markets near NYC? Good news for you if you be located in New York.

Around the states, you will find many flea markets where many people sell different types of products. They are usually temporary events that are held on a regular basis.

The outdoor flea market can be large, as in New York City’s Hell Square where over 100 vendors gather every Sunday on Hester Street for the Hester Street Fair, or small such as the monthly flea market that sets up in Water but the best flea markets serve as a popular tourist attraction.

Here is the list of good flea markets near me in New York:

Brooklyn Flea
Address: 80 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Chelsea Flea
Address: 29 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010

New Meadowlands Market
Address: Lot J Metlife Stadium, 102 NJ-120, East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Artists & Fleas Williamsburg
Address: 70 N 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Address: 149 Pacific Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304

Grand Bazaar NYC
Address: 100 W 77th St, New York, NY 10024

Brooklyn Flea
Address: 51 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Bushwick Market
Address: 54 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Avenel Flea Market
Address: 1488 Rahway Ave, Avenel, NJ 07001

Artists & Fleas Chelsea
Address: 88 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Flea Market
Address: 409 Shepherd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208

AquaDuck FleaMarket
Address: 700 Fountain Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208

Hastings Flea Market
Address: 131 Southside Ave, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706

Bmjr Inc. Flea Market
Address: 100 Sunrise Hwy, Valley Stream, NY 11581

Flea Market
Address: 92-3 Corona Ave., Queens, NY 11373

Jay’s Hidden Treasures flea market
Address: 466 Hawkins Ave, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

The Little Brooklyn Market
Address: 218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Giant Garage Sale Store
Address: 512 Horseblock Road, Farmingville, NY 11738

Flea Market
Address: 414 E 14th St, New York, NY 10009

The names mentioned above are the best flea markets near me!

Note: If you do not live in New York, still this article is useful for you because we have listed below the largest flea market in the united states.

Where are The Best Flea Markets in The United States?

Where is The Best Flea Markets in The United States

I’ve been to lots of flea markets in New York and have enjoyed shopping, but when I was trying to make a list of great American flea markets, then I was trying to get help from others; I asked my friend Leena, she told me to do a Google search to find the best answer. So I researched and found many authentic sources to write about this.

There are thousands of well known flea markets in the United States. Where is the best one? Is it Brooklyn Flea in Brooklyn, New York? Is it the Tarrytown Flea Market in New York? Or is it the Atlanta Antique Market on Route 9 outside of Atlanta, Georgia? 

The United States is home to the world’s largest flea market, and it’s not even close. The Ohio based L.A. Mills Flea Market has an area of more than 1,000,000 square meters (10,800,000 sq ft) and attracts more than 3 million visitors each year.

The next largest flea market in the U.S. is located in Pennsylvania, and it hasn’t even come close to touching the size of its American counterpart. Everything we have included, here is the name of round top flea markets by state.

These are some of the famous flea markets in United States:

  • Brooklyn Flea, New York
  • Brimfield Antique Flea Market, Massachusetts
  • Elephant’s Trunk Country Flea Market, Connecticut
  • Fleur de Flea, Kentucky
  • Scott Antique Market, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Lakewood Antiques Market – Cumming, GA
  • Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market, Springfield, Ohio
  • Mills Flea Market – Ohio
  • Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market – Hartville, OH
  • Rogers Flea Market – Rogers, OH
  • Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market, Indiana
  • Wheaton Illinois All-Night Flea Market, Illinois
  • The 127 Yard Sale
  • Mile High Flea Market, Colorado
  • Sparks Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market, Kansas
  • Marburger Farm Antique Show, Texas
  • First Monday Trade Days – Canton, TX
  • Texas Antique Weekend – Fayetteville to Carmine, TX
  • Portland Flea and Food, Oregon
  • Alameda Point Antiques Faire, Alameda, California
  • Rose Bowl Flea Market – Pasadena, California
  • Long Beach Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market – Long Beach, CA
  • Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market – Nashville, TN
  • Raleigh Flea Market – Raleigh, NC
  • Kane County Flea Market – St Charles, IL
  • Lincoln Road Antique & Collectible Market – Miami, FL
  • Golden Nugget Antique Market – Lambertville, NJ
  • Renninger’s Mount Dora – Mount Dora, FL
  • Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market – Discontinued.

Above is the name of the top US flea markets list.

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List of Online Flea Market Websites

The following is a list of online flea market websites. You can find lots of items from sellers here, including collectibles and antiques.

Brooklyn Flea

Berryessa Flea Market | San Jose EST. 1960

Keller’s Flea Market

Mile High Flea Market | Denver Flea Market

The Flea Market at Eastern Market – Washington, DC

Mobile Flea Market

Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market

Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market

Mower’s Flea Market

Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market: Flea market in Sugarcreek

Bussey’s Flea Market: Flea Market | San Antonio, TX

Caesar Creek Flea Market | Find it. Love it. Make it yours.

Midwest’s Largest Outdoor Flea Market

Kane County Flea Market Home – Best in the Midwest

Lafayette Collectibles & Flea Market

Texas Flea Market, RGV, Rio Grande Valley

Jamie’s Flea Market – Amherst, Ohio

Red Barn Flea Market: Home – Bradenton

Berkeley Flea Market – Treasures from Around the World

Chelsea Flea

Flea Market & RV Park at Menge

Largest TN Flea Market | Gatlinburg Discount Shopping

Raynham Flea Market

Collingwood Flea Market: Farmingdale, Howell NJ & Wall

Flea Market in Granite City, IL Historic Route 66 Flea Market

Crossville Flea Market


What is the biggest flea market in the united states?

According to a poll of visitors to, the best flea market in the United States is Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts. and Renningers Extravaganza in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

The Rose Bowl Flea Market (also known as the Pasadena Flea Market) is a large, outdoor market that is held every second Sunday of each month in the parking lots around the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California.

What state has the biggest flea market?

Some of the biggest flea markets in the country are held in Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, California, New York, and Florida.

What are the best flea markets east coast?

East Coast Auctions & Flea Market is well known and specializes in antique goods, handcrafted products, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, toys, and more.

What are the best flea markets in Virginia?

Virginia has many wonderful flea markets that cater to all interests. I’ve been to the flea markets in Rich Creek, Pearisburg, and Wytheville, Virginia – all are great! I believe that the Rich Creek Flea Market is the largest.

What is the largest flea market in the South?

The World’s Largest Flea Market, held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in late May, is the largest flea market in the South. It attracts over 20,000 shoppers and over 7,000 vendors a day and is the perfect place to find hand-crafted furniture, clothing, and collectibles, as well as antiques.

Why visit large indoor flea markets near you?

If you love great deals, and discovering unique items that you won’t find anywhere else, then you will definitely enjoy visiting indoor flea markets. These shopping experiences often have vendors selling an array of items including antiques, collectibles, vintage furniture and clothing, handmade items, or items from garage sales.

Indoor flea markets can be found in many states, with timetables that allow you to spend an afternoon exploring the bargains.

Why visit large outdoor flea markets near you?

Large outdoor flea markets are a great way to spend the day outdoors, and explore with the whole family.
They are bigger than your indoor flea market, allowing for more products and more unique items to choose from. Vendors can sell just about anything at an outdoor flea market: furniture, collectibles, antiques, clothing, jewelry, and crafts are just a few of the many different types of items you may find.
Outdoor flea markets also offer food vendors as well as entertainment, so you can enjoy all that comes with a day spent at this type of market


If you are looking for antiques and unique finds, flea markets can be an exciting adventure while also being a great place to find some bargains. Make sure that you come prepared with cash so you’re ready to purchase whatever catches your eye.

Thanks for reading the article about Flea Market in The United States, I hope this article is useful for you and suitable for your expectation. If you need another article related to the marketplace list, please send me an email.

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