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Are you looking for verified photography agencies? Browse the list of top photography agencies, agencies that accept new models, agencies that represent models by submission, celebrity model agencies and more!

In a single word, a photography agency is a photo service providing company.

Basically, a photography agency is an organization that focuses on managing all aspects of photographers and photo models’ through their activities.

We know that photographers can make an ordinary beautiful person famous in a very short time with their photography. But an organization or agency can do it more professionally because they are a team of experts.

“A person cannot do the right thing in one area of life, he is busy making mistakes in any other area. Life is an inseparable whole ”
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Photography modeling agencies usually work for different companies or businesses as photography service providers. In that case, many people and organizations are searching for photography agencies.

Most of the time they search photography businesses near me, that thing we have tried to make a clean and verified agencies list with their local address and contact information.

Hope this article and information on photography modeling agencies in USA, might be helpful for you to found the best photography place immediately!

But before getting started, we will add a few general FAQs that people also search for;

What actually is a photo agency?

You might find yourself asking the question; what actually is a photo agency? A photo agency is a business that represents photographers and assists in the marketing and promotion of the images they produce. They act as a go-between for their photographers and clients, or other businesses. A photo agency acts as an agent, representing the photographer and receiving payment from the client or company. This article provides some details about how a photo agency differs from traditional photography businesses.

Photo agencies are intermediaries organizations that facilitate the process of finding, licensing, and downloading stock photography for use in your business visuals.

Even they find out the models who need for your visual content. As a result, using their services, you get photos instantly, legally, and without breaking the part.

What are the benefits of working with a photography agency?

The main reason and benefit of hiring a photography agency are, you will get a good service at low costs without any hassle. Agencies have the full setup of photography accessories so you can save your time and money. Also, some companies will provide free post production services.

How do I get a photography agent?

How do I get a photography agent?

One of the most common questions I get is “how do I get a photography agent?”. It makes sense, but it’s also one of the trickiest questions to answer.

In the United States, you can find many self photographers online! But the problem is that a lot of photographers are individuals who are not working with any photo agency. Even they do not provide any service for commerce!

So, if you come to photography companies, you will probably find a good photography agent.

Note: Few individuals also provide good services, but you have to find them.

How to get photography agency jobs?

Many photo companies are publishing photography job circulars on different job publishing websites or their own websites and social media. From there, any photographer can apply for this job.

Just go to any job portal, and search “photography” or “photographer”

What does the photography agency do?

Photography Agency is an organization that manages all aspects of the careers of different categories of photographers and models by their creative skills.

Do I Need A Photography Agent?

If you have any questions you can watch this video, hopefully the confusion will go away:

What type of photography is the most popular?

There are many types of photography categories available in this digital world but these are most popular:

  • Model/Fashion Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Food photography
  • Travel Photography3
  • Nature Photography

What is a stock photography agency?

A stock photography agency is a firm, that took photos and images for stock photo sites. Basically, stock websites are an extremely valuable resource for people who are looking for high-quality images and videos.

In stock photo sites photographers and models are published their photos for free or selling purposes.

Note: In this list, We have randomly added some stock photography agency names.

Which is the best stock photo site?

The best stock photography site to sell on:


You can download high quality images from these stock photo sites!

What is the first photo agency?

What is the first photo agency

Black Star was the first privately owned picture agency in the United States, it was formed in December 1935. Black Star was started by refugees from Germany who had established photographic agencies there in the 1930s.

Now it is known as Black Star Publishing Company, which is a New York City-based photographic agency with offices in London and in White Plains, New York.

Today It is known for photojournalism, corporate assignment photography, and stock photography services worldwide. It is noted for its contribution to the history of photojournalism in the United States. The agency was closely identified with Henry Luce’s magazine Life and Time.

History of photography agency – Source [Wikipedia]

Types of photography agencies

Types of photography agencies

In the world of photography, there are plenty of different agencies and firms to choose from. Finding the right one is essential if you want your work or services to be used for what it’s worth. There are different types of photography agencies out there; it shouldn’t be hard for you to find the one that matches your style and needs.

These photography agencies categories are well known;

  • Stock Photography Agency
  • Model Photography Agency
  • Fashion Photography Agency
  • Product Photography Agency
  • Wedding Photography Agency
  • Food Photography Agency
  • Home Photography Agency
  • Real Estate Photography Agency
  • Nature Stock Photography Agency
  • Photography Staffing Agency

Working with a photography agency is different from working with a self photographer. Because if you work with an agency, this will help you to grow your business by quality work, also you will get a quality audience, good knowledge, and etc.

The main important thing is you can work with an organized photographer team or community, and it helps you to create an established profile, and projects.

Where to find the best photography agency?

Oh, let’s get you to the right point. Here is the nyc photography agency list:

List of Photography Agencies in NYC, United States

Is it challenging to find out the best photography agencies in New York? Los Angeles, New Jersey, or any other states in the United States? The answer may be Yes or Not!

For newcomers, it will be hard. Because new photographers or models who want to get a photography agency job in this competitive market, they don’t know as well about this market.

As the same thing! For new service recipients who want to take the photography service, they can’t easily find the best photography agency.

Everything is possible, but it will be a matter of time.

I just created a list of photography agencies that are located in NYC, New York, United States. Take a look when you have time, and if you have any recommendations, feel free to leave a comment just below the post!

List of Photography Agencies in NYC, United States

We don’t want to waste your precious time, here we are sorting the top photography companies list according to their location, phone number, and portfolios or websites. Just look at the acres one by one:

Top Photography Agencies;

This list was created to help photography enthusiasts find photo agencies, easily and quickly. Here are is known photography companies names:

Atelier Management
Address: 611 Broadway # 808
Phone: (212) 202-8341

Exposure New York Inc
Address: 100 Crosby St #407
Phone: (212) 475-5565

Garrin Evan Studios
Address: 346A State St #3F
Phone: (718) 879-0363

2D Management
Address: 110 Greene St #503 · In Soho Building
Phone: (646) 370-5696

East Photographic Inc
Address: 401 Broadway #1802
Phone: (212) 380-1323

Art & Commerce
Address: 531 W 25th St · Near the High Line
Phone: (212) 206-0737

W M Artist Management
Address: 154 Grand St
Phone: (212) 219-9100

Redux Pictures
Address: 11 Hanover Square
Phone: (212) 253-0399

Address: 110 E 25th St
Phone: (347) 208-8843

SN37 Agency
Address: 44 Lispenard St
Phone: (310) 737-8032

Magnum Photos
Address: 12 W 31st St
Phone: (212) 929-6000

Sarah Laird & Good Company
Address: 134 Spring St # 201
Phone: (212) 334-4280

Address: 141 Flushing Ave Building 77, Suite 1208 · In Brooklyn Navy Yard
Phone: (212) 219-0120

Raoul Beltrame
Address: 177 N 10th St Suite A
Phone: (347) 570-6123

Bridge Artists
Address: 1123 Broadway #208 · Near Madison Square Park
Phone: (212) 313-9820

Address: 189 Franklin St
Phone: (212) 966-0900

Foo-Food NYC Food Photographer & Culinary Content
Address: 175 E 96th St #3m · In The Monterey
Phone: (727) 301-2832

Artlist Inc
Address: 195 Chrystie St # 700E
Phone: (212) 253-2966

Total Management Inc
Address: 28 W 27th St #506
Phone: (212) 481-9300

Salt Studios
Address: 74 S 1st St
Phone: (212) 219-8683

De Facto Inc
Address: 325 W 38th St #1703
Phone: (212) 627-4700

Doug Holt Photography Studios
Address; Long Island City, NY
Phone: (917) 650-1132

Salvatore Vergone
Address: 1677 85th St
Phone: (347) 576-9952

Lalaland Artists
Address: 548 W 28th St #640
Phone: (917) 722-0848

Egg Studios NYC – Brooklyn Photo Studio
Address: 456 Johnson Ave
Phone: (347) 927-3447

Address: 111 3rd Ave
Phone: (917) 407-4292

CityState Creative
Address: 754 Halsey St
Phone: (347) 416-6095

Utopia the Agency
Address: 315 W 39th St #1003
Phone: (212) 634-9280

Pulse Creative
Address: 211 E 43rd St Suite #1500
Phone: (646) 452-9970

Webber Represents LLC
Address: 401 Broadway #411
Phone: (212) 343-7491

Clare Agency Ltd
Address: 64 Fulton St # 605
Phone: (212) 587-9009

New York HOUSE Studio
Address: 1 Pierrepont Pl
Phone: (646) 946-9075

Photo Image Press
Address: Guttenberg, NJ · In the Galaxy Towers
Phone: (201) 865-8694

The Line Studios
Address; 79 West St #205

Creative Space Artists
Address: 16 Murray Street Suite 223
Phone: (212) 945-9292

Bransch Inc
Address: 150 W 28th St
Phone: (212) 414-1622

Ezra Productions
Address: 54 Thompson St 3rd floor
Phone: (917) 525-2002

Be Electric Studios
Address: 1304 Willoughby Ave
Phone: (718) 484-1466

Ireland Studios Photography and Motion LLC
Address: Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (917) 319-1062

Sovfoto Eastfoto Agency
Address: 150 W 28th St
Phone: (212) 727-8228

The Lindsay Thompson Company
Address: 30 Irving Pl floor 8
Phone: (212) 219-0120

Agefotostock Stock Photography
Address: 48 Wall St 11th floor
Phone: (888) 420-5184

Black and Gold Photography
Address: 345 Eldert St
Phone: (917) 374-6880

Wulf Casting
Address: Based in New York
Phone: (646) 926-4383

Wild / Factory
Address: 240 Bedford Ave
Phone: (212) 203-6494

King Management Agency
Address: 117 9th St Suite 221
Phone: (347) 547-3397

Align Pictures Inc
Address: Long Island City, NY
Phone: (212) 430-6873

Splash News & Picture Agency
Address: 300 Park Ave · Near the St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Phone: (212) 619-2666

Contra Studios
Address: 122 W 26th St 5th fl
Phone: (646) 926-7819

Society MGMT
Address: 101 N 10th St Suite#305
Phone: (212) 253-5400

Seen Artists
Address: 115 W 18th St
Phone: (917) 833-2293

WiB Agency
Address: 197 Grand St #4W
Phone: (212) 488-2320

Camilla Lowther Management
Address: 190 Bowery
Phone: (212) 924-6565

Good brother
Address: 68 Jay St #515
Phone: (718) 222-3600

Studio, Kanji Ishii Inc.
Address: 1166 Manhattan Ave
Phone: (718) 486-3100

Pistol Studios LLC
Address: 13 Worth St
Phone: (212) 226-6480

David Goldman Agency
Address: 41 Union Square W # 918
Phone: (212) 807-6627

See Management, Inc.
Address: 307 7th Ave #1607
Phone: (212) 255-2500

Nino Muñoz
Address: 135 E 57th St
Phone: (212) 796-0411

Future Faces NYC
Address: 846 3rd Ave 6th Floor
Phone: (212) 203-6898

Slate Studios
Address: Long Island City, NY
Phone: (212) 390-0243

Great Friends Agency
Address: One, Fulton St Suite 8500 · In Westfield World Trade Center
Phone: (212) 513-0780

Bernstein & Andriulli
Address: 190 Bowery
Phone: (212) 682-1490

Estock Photo
Address: Long Island City, NY
Phone: (718) 433-4295

JACK Studios
Address: 601 W 26th St Suite 1210 · In Starrett-Lehigh
Phone: (212) 367-7590

Talent and Partners
Address: 475 Park Ave S
Phone: (212) 727-1800

Modeling Camp
Address: 212 E 42nd St · In The Westin New York Grand Central
Phone: (888) 757-5575

Gallery Stock Ltd
Address: 190 Bowery
Phone: (212) 219-7520

LBJ Media – Video Production, Photography, & Design
Address: Allentown, PA
Phone: (484) 505-6549

Digi-Chrome Studios, Inc.
Address: Oakland, NJ
Phone: (201) 337-5511

Address: 311 W 43rd St
Phone: (212) 812-1441

Young and Grumpy Studios
Address: 248 McKibbin St #1h
Phone: (860) 670-5924

Hudson River Studios
Address: Union City, NJ
Phone: (212) 729-1443

California Models & Acting and Roz Clancy Casting
Address: Ewing Township, NJ
Phone: (609) 737-6955

Address: 443 W 18th St · Near the Chelsea Market
Phone: (212) 645-2244

Hudson Yards Loft: Photography Studio Rental NYC
Address: 447 W 36th St FL 3
Phone: (917) 882-3724

Root Brooklyn Studio
Address: 131 N 14th St
Phone: (718) 349-2740

Pier59 Studios
Address: 59 Chelsea Piers · In Chelsea Piers
Phone: (212) 691-5959

Thanks! Hopefully, this information can help you to find out the best photography agencies in USA.

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