The Best Pizza in Brooklyn – Cost, Reviews & Restaurant List

Looking for the best pizza in Brooklyn? We have listed here the top pizza place in Brooklyn that you must try. Also, we have mentioned the price of the best pizza slices, the pizza restaurant’s addresses, number, and their website.

If you talking about food in Brooklyn, Pizza will come first! Because, Brooklyn is known for its extraordinary pizzas, from artisan charcoal oven pizza slices to traditional slices from nearby Peatzeria.

In general, a lot of restaurants don’t sell a single slice of pizza. But these famous pizza restaurants offer customers one piece.

There are many pizzerias in Brooklyn Park, but these are awesome. So let’s take a pizza tour in New York and have fun with this list of the best pizza restaurants in Brooklyn!

Best pizza restaurants in Brooklyn, NY

Best pizza restaurants in Brooklyn, NY

Here are the best pizza restaurant list with slices of pizza price in NYC;

Antonio’s Pizzeria

Antonio's Pizzeria

Address: 32 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Phone: +1 718-237-1700
Visit: Website

Cost:  $2.75 for a single serving. On a budget? They have a special, where you can get 2 slices and a soda for $6. 

Info: Antonio’s Pizzeria is one of the best pizza makers in New York. This no-frills, old school pizzeria has been providing new slices for over fifty years.

Slices: You can fill your slice with different ingredients or order a slice from Grandma, a simple slice is perfectly topped with cheese and you can fold it as you go down this classic (as many New Yorkers do).

How to go to this place?: The retro mark looking at you as you enter the pizzeria sets Antonio’s mood. The pizzeria is the real deal and if you never visit New York Pizzeria it should definitely be on your itinerary.

Located on Flatbush Avenue near Prospect Park, it’s also steps from right near Park Slope’s 7th Avenue, and a short walk to Barclays Center and downtown Brooklyn.

Best Pizza in Williamsburg

Best Pizza in Williamsburg

Address: 33 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, US
Phone: +1 718 599-2210
Visit: Website

Cost: $3.25 for a single serving.

Info: Located in the former Williamsburg Bakery, the home-style pizzeria walls are decorated with customer-designed paper plates.

Pieces – Pizza made in a century old oven is topped with a unique basil leaf. The thin-crust pizza doesn’t disappoint and the local pizza swears white pizza.

How to go to this place?: Located in the heart of Williamsburg, this is the ideal stop after a shopping trip along Bedford Avenue or a trip along the picturesque boardwalk in East River State Park.

Brooklyn Pizza Crew

Brooklyn Pizza Crew

Address: 758 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA
Phone: +1 718-363-1122
Visit: Website

Cost:  $2.50 for a single serving and $3.25 for a Sophia Loren.

Fact: Although at first glance the Brooklyn Pizza Crew appears as a ubiquitous pizzeria in Brooklyn, it is not. The graffiti on the walls and the wooden tables give the place a more modern feel.

Slices: Artisan version of traditional slices. Fresh ingredients from the Brooklyn Pizza Crew will set your slices apart. Sophia Loren, light without sauce, tasty and satisfying.

The Grandima slices are family-friendly but its version also provides a little res of a square that they don’t miss.

Location: Located on Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights, the Brooklyn Pizza Crew is about a fifteen-minute walk from the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

DiFara Pizza

DiFara Pizza

Address: 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230-3702, USA
Phone: +1 718-258-1367
Visit: Website

Cost:  $5 for a slice of pizza.

Info: This Midwood pizzeria has plenty of lines that regularly list New York’s best pizzerias. From the legendary pizzeria of the sixties, Domenico DiMarco is cleverly making cakes behind the counter. Watch him at work while you wait for your slice.

Slice: The thin crust pizza is light and airy and topped with fresh basil. Apparently, since Domenico DiMarco has been making cakes for over half a century, he has perfected the art of the cheese/sauce relationship.

Location: Slightly away from the Brooklyn beating area, all the pizza lovers in Deferrer should see after a long walk. Try to spend some free time to avoid long expectations.

Front Street Pizza

Front Street Pizza

Address: 80 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Phone: +1 718-875-3700
Visit: Website

Cost:  $2.75 for a single serving.

Info: This casual pizzeria is a local favorite. In any region that has undergone a rapid transition from industrial to superior condos, galleries, boutiques, and a haven for business, this pizzeria is a great place to get a cheap expensive meal with the abandonment of our smell.

Slices: Their typical pizza parlors are special, but their fresh, thin pizzas (with or without toppings) are delicious and full. They also have glue free options.

Location: People line up to get a table at Grimaldi, but if you want a quick piece of dumbo, this is the place.

House of Pizza and Calzone

House of Pizza and Calzone

Address: 132 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231-2983, USA
Phone: +1 718-624-9107
Visit: Website

Cost: $3 for a plain slice.

Info: This surrounding pizzeria has served the Workfront and its residents for over 60 years. It’s still in the same block where it was introduced in the early 1950s. See us for authentic Brooklyn pizza.

Slice: The locals come to this place to get sliced ​​or fried calzone. You can take your own pictures, but for those who enjoy the simple pieces, you have found gold here. Its fragrant and spicy pizza with Questo frescoes and sauces is sure to hit the spot.

Location: Located on Union Street in Carol Garden, the area was once an Italian enclave and setting for the 1970s Munsterk movie, but has changed in recent years.

It still has many Italian restaurants. Across the street are the historic Historical Foucaultaria de Ferdinando and lots of local pizzerias.

The House of Pizza and Calzone, however, stand in a highly saturated area of ​​this Pisces. Pass for a piece, but leave the house for a fried calzone. In warmer months, feed in a spacious backyard.

L & B Spumoni Gardens

L & B Spumoni Gardens

Address: 2725 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223-3507, USA
Phone: +1 718-449-1230
Visit: Website

Cost:  $2.75 for a single serving.

Info: L & B Spumoni Gardens evokes the feelings of authentic Brooklyn, and locals hang out on the red picnic benches chatting as they gobble down some of the best pizzas in Brooklyn.

Slice: Order the famous square slice and see why people make the trip to Bensonhurst / Dyker Heights to eat one of these iconic slices. The square slice is perhaps the most divine mix of doughy, airy, and cheesy. Save room for some spumoni. 

Location: This place is a hike from Manhattan and Brooklyn Brownstone, but it’s worth it. And remember, you’re not far from Coney Island if you want to combine a visit with a trip to the beach. There is a parking lot but it gets very crowded and you may have to wait for a spot.

Layla jones

Layla jones

Address: 214 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201-6405, USA
Phone: +1 718-624-2361
Visit: Website

Cost:  $2.50 for a plain Jane slice.

Info: This casual, family-run restaurant in Cobble Hill serves pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and salads. The backyard of the larger house is the ideal place to dine in good weather. Grab a picnic bench and relax in this familiar place.

Slices: Layla Jones Square slices contain fresh, light, crunchy, and sweet sauce. Although a slice of plain zen is clever for its simplicity, you may want to order a slice with pepperoni or mushrooms.

Location: The restaurant is on Court Street in the heart of Cobble Hill, a short distance from the Bergen Street stops on the F-Train.

After finish your food, walk an avenue over to Smith Street and peruse the many boutiques or walk across the Atlantic toward Downtown Brooklyn.

Pizza Wagon

Pizza wagon

Address: 8610 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209-5202, USA
Phone: +1 718-836-5725
Visit: Website

Cost:  $2.50 for a single serving.

About: There’s an 80s-specific clarity on the wall with that decade’s frame review, it makes you feel like you’re eating Americans’ sets.

While a great authentic retro vibe dominates this space, the food is incredibly fresh and it’s a bay ridge staple. Take a seat and order a slice and a coke and listen to the locals.

Slice: Pizza is the perfect combination of cheese and sauce and the crust is light and crispy. This is probably because of the smell of fresh cheese and bs is filled with air but the pizza wagon is among the places where you can’t help but order two slices because you have swallowed the first slice in seconds.

They serve part of a square that is worth it. The best strategy for eating there is to order both.

Location: It is located on 86th Street Avenue in Bay Ridge, a suburb of the 21st Century, and shops in this part of Brooklyn overlook Veracano Bridge, it appeared on Saturday night in the 70s.

Screamer’s Pizzeria

Screamer's Pizzeria

Address: 620 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222-3923, USA
Phone: +1 347-844-9412
Visit: Website

Cost:  $3 for a single serving

Info: Vegans should make a pilgrimage to this vegan pizzeria in the center of Greenpoint. There are limited seats, so don’t expect to stop.

Slices: When you don’t realize you’re not actually eating cheese when you order a slice at Scrimmers. Fresh pizza is so delicious but you can guess if it is a traditional savory slice. If you want to be perishable, ask for toppings including fried beets, vegan ham and seitan pepperoni, and many more.

Location: The cozy store is located on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. Once you’re full of vegan food, browse the area’s stores.

Table 87

Table 87 pizza

Address: 473 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA

Phone: +1 718-965-8400

Visit: Website

Cost:  $4.00 per single serving.

Info: Normally, when you want a piece of charcoal oven pizza, you have to promise to buy pies, but fortunately, all the promised phobics can enjoy a piece at Table 87 Charcoal Oven Pizza, this is the first charcoal oven pizza piece in Brooklyn.

Slices: You may want to order multiple slices of this flavored thin-nosed charcoal oven pizza with flavored mozzarella at home. The pieces are light and crisp. You can add toppings but the margarita pizza is so delicious that you don’t want to add it. Just remember, they have glue free options.

Location: With three locations in Brooklyn, one on Atlantic Avenue near Brooklyn Bridge Park, one on Brooklyn’s Third Avenue in Brooklyn’s Trendy Goannas Division, and another on Industrial City Food Court, each location could easily fit into a Brooklyn site.

If you can’t do it in Brooklyn, you can order frozen pizza on their website and at various supermarkets, thanks to Shark Tank.

Two boots

Two boots

Address: 284 5th Avenue, 1st St, New York, 11211, United States

Phone: +1 718-499-0008

Visit: Website

Cost:  $2.75 for a slice of cheese.

Info: Families flock to this Brooklyn staple, named for the “geographical size of Italy and Louisiana.” This soft pizzeria serves a neighbor’s favorite, Cajun-Italian-inspired food, and creative pizza.

Slice: With pizzas like Earth Mother, Mel Coolie, Larry Tate, and many other cakes that pay homage to pop culture, you can smile a few times as you read the menu.

Although the two boots jokingly say pizza, that doesn’t mean they don’t take food seriously, they do.

Spicy thin crust pizza can be made with whole wheat crust or glue free.

Even if you’re stuck with a piece of cheese, you’ll like the explosive taste of pizza, but not too strong a flavor.

Location: The original Park Opera restaurant was closed a few years ago, but the current location on the lively Fifth Avenue in Park Slope retains all original home charges from the excavation. After finishing your slice, you can window-shop independent stores on Fifth Avenue.

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List of famous pizza place in Brooklyn

New York City has the best pizza place in Brooklyn. This is not a boast or a bluster, but rather an established fact. Let other cities squabble over the second and third place; we maintain the quiet confidence of a king. And while Manhattan has reigned over our oven-baked empire for generations, Brooklyn is the heir apparent. 

We hereby decree these to be the thinnest, thickest, crispiest, chewiest, cheesiest, meatiest, veganism, most delicious pizzas in the county of Kings.

Here are some famous pizza places in Brooklyn;

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

Location: 8925 Avenue D in Brooklyn, NY


Pizza Hut began with two brothers borrowing $600 from their mom to start a pizzeria. What started out small has now become the biggest pizza company in the world. And every step of the way, we’ve remained committed to making the best food and providing the highest level of service.

It’s like coming up with great-tasting products and exciting promotions because, at Pizza Hut, they’ve always known that you are what’s most important. It’s knowing what you want and we’ve made it faster and easier to get it!

If you are searching on google pizza hut in Brooklyn; you can get the direct location.



Location: Crown Heights


One of the best things about this place is, since they’re on the lighter, crispier side, you can eat an entire pizza and not feel too upset about it. And thanks to combos like artichoke and pancetta, cremini and fennel sausage, and soppressata Picante with honey, you definitely will eat an entire pizza by yourself. 

Best Pizza

Best Pizza

Location: Williamsburg


Meanwhile, this is the place to order a plain cheese slice, especially if it’s of the white pizza variety. Of course, if you’re open to the idea of toppings (and you should be), you can adorn your cheesy slice (or pie) with bacon, sausage, pickled veggies, and Calabrian chili.  



Location: Brooklyn Heights


Next up on your glorious pizza tour is Di Fara Pizzeria, which, if you didn’t know, is just sitting there in Midwood waiting for you to come in.

You might ordinarily walk past such a nondescript pizzeria, but something about the line of people will surely signal you to get a taste of this 50-year-old Brooklyn tradition.

The menu is simple: no fancy specials, just straight-up pizza with the option to add your choice of toppings—the way it should be.

While we’re purists at heart, we’d be remiss not to mention that a new location recently opened in Williamsburg and is family owned and operated—and just as yummy as the OG.

Relatively new to the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, Dellarocco’s is a cozy neighborhood gem, drawing more locals than nearby tourist destination Grimaldi’s. The shop further sets itself apart with a slew of white pies — 14 in all. 

Go ahead and eschew their red sauce options and order Dellarocco’s eponymous pizza: puffy dough layered with smoked buffalo mozzarella, broccoli rabe, sausage, red pepper, garlic, and basil.

Di Fara

Di Fara

Location: Midwood


Yes, you’ve been hearing about this no-frills place on Avenue J forever, and yes, the line to get inside is borderline outrageous, but Di Fara’s been turning out insanely delicious pies and slices for more than half a century, both round and square, and the quality’s remained unchanged.

If you still need convincing, consider this: Anthony Bourdain, the anti-Fieri himself, proclaimed this Midwood spot to be “the best of the best.”



Location: Clinton Hill


It’s hard to believe the original Emily opened in Clinton Hill just five years ago, because its uber-thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas have already become an NYC staple. 

The team has since expanded to excellent Detroit-style and grilled pizzas at Emmy Squared and Violet, respectively, but we keep coming back for the original pies, in combos like the Emily (mozzarella, pistachio, Sottocenere cheese, and honey) and the Big Ang (vodka sauce, ricotta, double pecorino, meatball, and Peppadew pepper). 

There’s also an insane burger if you can spare the stomach space.

It is a sister shop to Williamsburg’s Emmy Squared, this Clinton Hill favorite helps feed Brooklyn’s pizza addiction. The thin-yet-doughy new-school round pies are divided into four categories – the reds, the whites, the greens, and the pinks – and delivered to your table on a steel tray. 

The red sauce Colony (mozzarella, pepperoni, pickled jalapeño, and honey) blends sharp heat with sweetness, and the tomatillo-topped El Pastor is topped with mozzarella, bacon, and chipotle pineapple.



Location: South Slope


Operated by the same family behind Carroll Gardens’ perennial favorite Lucali, Giuseppina’s tosses crisp-yet-pliant brick-oven pizzas at this South Brooklyn joint. 

The pies here are just as good as anything you’ll order at the fam’s first spot, with shorter wait times, a wine and beer menu, and a reduced chance of being stabbed.



Location: Park Slope


Gristmill boasts an eccentric, seasonally evolving menu of smoked salmon, acorn-fed pork sandwiches, and dry-aged beef burgers, but it’s the pizza that draws the stroller-pushing Park Slope families.

Wood-fired pies come with unusual toppings (think crispy kale, mozzarella, and jalapeño vinegar), and the dough is unique, too: freshly milled, whole grain flour is combined with a sourdough starter, creating a dark, dense, tangy crust. Not in the mood for an entire pie? Grandma slices are served during brunch, lunch, and dinner, in mushroom and cheese & pepperoni varieties.



Location: Dumbo


You can order the coal-fired pies at this Grimaldi’s offshoot covered in any combination of housemade meatballs, prosciutto, anchovies, garlic, ricotta, and sausage — and if you’re intimidated by all the top options? Keeping it simple with Margherita is always a win.

L&B Spumoni Gardens

L&B Spumoni Gardens

Location: Bensonhurst


If you’re looking for an impossibly good Sicilian square or grandma-style slice, L&B Spumoni Gardens can definitely scratch that itch for you. Heavy on the sauce, L&B offers a Sicilian slice with a bit of a thicker crust and an almost soupy cheese-and-tomato top. 

The original location has been in the Gravesend neighborhood for 80 years, but it was recently announced that a second location will open in Dumbo, so it’ll be an even quicker trip from Manhattan or Queens. 

That said, L&B is not just famous for its pizza; they also offer spumoni, a gelato combination of chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, and candied fruit. Translation: Come hungry. 

It’s a little out of the way – like, “several stops and a subway transfer” out of the way – but this Bensonhurst icon serves the epitome of what a Sicilian pizza should be. 

You can order by the slice or by the tray, and while it’s definitely a “would you like some cheese with your sauce” situation, don’t let that intimidate you: if you don’t get it all over your face, you’re doing it wrong.

Lucali Pizza


Location: Carroll Gardens


This is the pizza equivalent of Painting With a Twist: you get a blank canvas (in this case, the pizza), and you “paint” it yourself by picking from a range of rotating toppings.

Also, it’s BYOB and you’ll probably leave with a stained shirt. See? It’s totally the same… except you end up with an edible masterpiece at the end, instead of a warped piece of outsider art.



Location: Williamsburg


This isn’t the place to order a plain cheese slice: pile the buttery and slightly charred crust sky-high with toppings like the chef’s signature for di latte, spicy sausage, smoked pancetta, clams, and Brussels sprouts. Maybe not all at once, though – unless you feel like being the greatest. 

Ops Pizza

Ops Pizza

Location: Bushwick


This snug space is always warm, heated by the open kitchen’s glowing, blue-tile-covered pizza oven. The service is almost excessively unrushed, but generous wine pours and tasty, seasonally rotating cocktails make up for the glacial pace. 

The popular square pie, crispy and blackened on the bottom, is simply covered in tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, and basil florets. 

If you prefer a round pie, go for the light and airy Juno (broccoli rabe, potatoes, provolone, ricotta Salata) or the Cicero (hunks of onions, preserved tomatoes, provolone, mozzarella).

Paulie Gee's

Paulie Gee’s

Location: Greenpoint


Located just off the Greenpoint Avenue G stop, Paulie Gee’s draws foodies from all over for its wood-fired pizza that’s only available if you dine in.

The place oozes cool Brooklyn vibes with exposed brick walls and beams; it even sits behind what looks like the entrance of a former garage. There are almost two dozen specialty pies, ranging from a classic cheese to one topped with cherries.

But maybe what we appreciate most? Paulie Gee’s offers a whopping ten vegan pies, so you’ll never again have to choose between pizza and your friend or family member with a dietary restriction. We also love the “secret pizza” menu, which urges you to ask for cold salted butter to slather on your crust.

Buddy the Elf can leave his maple syrup stash at home because the Canadian bacon and Gouda-covered Monte Cristo pie here comes with a drizzle of the sweet & sticky stuff on top. If that’s a little too out there for you, there’s always the Arugula Shmoogula, the Ricotta Be Kiddin’ Me, or the Hellboy — that last one’s not a pun, it’s just a really good classic pizza. 



Location: Bushwick


Sure, it’s not much to look at from the outside, but the backyard charm and communal tables at this legendary spot almost make its punny-named pies (like the Lil’ Stinker and Speckenwolf) taste better. Not that they have to, though, because said pies are covered in killer toppings like pork sausage, smoked mozzarella, and speck.

Santa Panza

Santa Panza

Location: Bushwick


Tucked beneath elevated subway tracks in a landscape of industrial supply stores and tire shops, Neapolitan pizzeria Santa Panza amplifies every bit of its distance from Naples. 

The space is small, with only a few tables and mismatched folding chairs, and the wood-burning oven in the back corner emits a potent aroma of dough and olive oil. 

Pizzas come in 6- or 12-inch varieties, the former affording the opportunity to try a few. Selections from the rotating pizza specials — with toppings like fontina, shaved Brussels sprouts, and curled, crisp rounds of porchetta — stand out.

Speedy Romeo

Speedy Romeo

Location: Clinton Hill


Talk: Housed in a former auto body shop and named for a champion racehorse, Speedy Romeo slings wood-fired pies in the Italian style by way of St. Louis. These are thinner, with a drier, crispier crust than the typical Brooklyn pizza.

St. Louie nods to its namesake, topped with the city’s beloved Provel cheese – a processed, sticky blend of Cheddar, provolone, and Swiss – while Margherita and marinara options skew more traditional.



Location: Coney Island


Crackly, thin-crust pizzas are the specialty at the legendary Totonno’s, a treasure of Coney Island since 1924. After learning from the best at Lombardi’s, Anthony Pero opened up shop on Neptune Avenue, making pizzas in the now-rare coal-fired brick oven (most don’t pass current environmental laws).

People make the pilgrimage from across the five boroughs and around the world to get a taste of the beloved Margherita pizza: a blackened, crisp crust piled with mounds of slightly sweet tomato sauce and rounds of mozzarella that bubble and brown in the oven.

Even if you’re not a roller coaster fan, there’s a very good reason to head to Coney Island: Totonno’s Pizzeria, which has been serving the neighborhood for almost a hundred years. 

The pizza here is so dang good that it’s received a James Beard America’s Classics Award, and the old-school haunt is covered in nostalgic NYC memorabilia that dates back decades, complemented by classic black-and-white checkered floors and fire-engine-red booths.

The delicious Neapolitan-style pizza has an addictively crispy crust, which is why this place is always packed. Luckily, you can take your pizza to go and eat it on the boardwalk. (While you’re there, you can also swing by Grimaldi’s Coney Island.)

Vinnie's Pizzeria

Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Location: Williamsburg and Greenpoint


The quality dollar slice is practically extinct, but the maestros at Vinnie’s keep the prices as close to that magic number as possible.

Neither spot looks like much – each location’s tiny interior is tucked beneath a worn, sparingly designed awning – but the pizza rivals any of its pricier counterparts. Cheese and pepperoni classics shine, and you can comb a roster of vegan and gluten-free options as well.

Williamsburg Pizza

Williamsburg Pizza

Location: Williamsburg


The hardest decision you’ll make here is whether to go with a Round or Grandma crust (we’ll help you out: go Grandma).

After that, the rest is gravy — or Gorgonzola, soppressata, truffle oil, or any of the other specialty toppings on offer, all of which come with a drone delivery option, by the way. Welcome to the future.

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What is the best pizza place in Brooklyn, New York?

The top pizza places in Brooklyn are; Pizza Hut, Barboncino, Bensonhurst, Best Pizza, Williamsburg, Di Fara, Emily, Greenpoint, L&B Spumoni Gardens, Roberta’s, Lucali, Paulie Gee’s, Totonno’s, Williamsburg Pizza, and etc.

Where to get the best pizza in Williamsburg Brooklyn?

If you are looking for made in Brooklyn pizza, you can go to “Best Pizza in Williamsburg” Shop address: 33 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, US. (Have Another)

Where to get the best pizza in Brooklyn?

If anybody will search on google for “best pizza near me” then he/she can find easily different types of pizza in their current location.

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