Canon Price Watch Review – How they are? What public say?

Have you ever tried to find a cheap digital camera online? If you have, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the Canon Price Watch. It can be a good place for those who want to buy a camera at a lower price!

They’re an American company who claims to offer the cheapest prices around. When I purchased my first DSLR camera I was trying to find a price watch on Google – I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true!

In this article, we will discuss about Canon Price Watch Street Price and website.

There are many people who want to start photography as a newbie photographer, or many people who take pictures as a hobby. They search in Google and different online forums, where they can buy a camera or lance at a lower price?

So if you planning to buy a Canon Product, will help you to get the best canon photography product at street price. 

First of all, I would like to say that this article is not for promoting any website and doesn’t present any misinformation about anyone. Here we have tried to gather information about canon price watch in one place from other websites.

Basically, these questions, answers, comments, or opinions are published in different forums. So we have collected this information and presented it in a single article. So this is a kind of public opinion reliable entry!

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Let’s start this price watch reviews outlook;

What is a Canon Price Watch?

Canon Price Watch is a service or website that provides pricing information on Canon products. It is designed to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions by showing them the current prices for Canon products from various retailers, as well as any sales or discounts that are currently available.

The goal of Canon Price Watch is to provide a convenient and easy-to-use price comparison tool for Canon products. It may also offer additional resources such as reviews and buying guides to help consumers choose the best product for their needs.

Canon Price Watch is a Canon photography equipment selling website that deals with Canon street prices. And they represent the list of most reputable merchants and stores.

The second thing is; CPW is a good and honest canon street price review website who comparisons the price.

In case you don’t know, Canon Price Watch is a service supporting you in finding out the best price for your selected Canon equipment. It can be said that it’s an online marketplace where you can find thousands of used and new Canon cameras, lenses, accessories, and more. With its help, you can be sure to find Canon cameras and other related products at highly competitive prices.

So the Canon Price Watch is a great informational tool that gives you all the scoop on the latest Canon product, sales data, and information right at your fingertips. It’s a handy website but it’s not perfect.

Details About Canon Price Watch Company

CanonPriceWatch was founded in 2010 as a need for good, honest, price comparisons for Canon photography equipment. The site is run by a small group of photography professionals, and they only list the most reputable merchants and stores that we ourselves would frequent, and merchants we wouldn’t hesitate to refer the family too. 

CPW also understands US warranties vs. grey market, by presenting all these options to you, you can make an informed choice. They update their website product’s prices hourly and let photographers track the changing prices through handy graphs.

In 2013, CPW decided to take their site to the next level and now feature a “Hot Deals Blog”, featuring the very best in Canon deals from authorized dealers, unauthorized dealers, and refurbished options.

Previously, CPW authors founded in June of 2007, and have quickly turned that into Canada’s most popular photography comparison shopping website.

NB: This information was collected from the website we tried to keep the original info.

Clarification About Canon Watch

The Canon Price Watch is a tool that shows you automatically the current price of their digital cameras, best and latest prices. Just in case you look for a solution to know online information about this kind of product, here we are sharing some facts about this service.

CPW author clarified public confusion about warranty service.

In CPW author clarified public confusion about the CPW site.

They Say-

First, we list deals from reputable authorized Canon dealers, such as B&H, Adorama, Amazon, and others. Unfortunately, since April 2014 (when Canon started aggressively enforcing their “Minimum Advertised Price” policy) advertised deals are pretty much non-existent, except for the occasional printer bundle.

Second (and this is what the other member referred to as “buying from CPW” — that’s not 100% accurate), we now have something called street price, which is a pre-negotiated, discounted price that authorized dealers (same category as the stores above) are willing to sell at. Note your transaction is still directly with the authorized dealer, we just help facilitate the secret handshake that gets you the lowest possible price. You are not buying directly from CPW, although you initiate the transaction by contacting us via the forms on our website.

Finally, we also list a few reputable grey market dealers, who reliably sell import cameras at an even greater discount. This isn’t for everyone, as a Canon USA warranty is no longer guaranteed, and their customer service isn’t first class (they’re really just volume overstock sellers on skinny margins). The ones that we pick to list on our site are through a platform like eBay with strong buyer protection. We also clearly mark import models / unauthorized dealers very carefully throughout the site.

The type of site we don’t list are bait and switches, which are the sleazy stores that give the import/grey market a bad name. I think most people are aware of these, and already avoid them, but just wanted to explicitly mention that. We try our best to educate people about these sites and warn them about the usual culprits, for example, this post:

Hope this clears up the confusion in this thread.

Canon Watch Warranty Service

In, the CPW author clarified public confusion about warranty service.

If it’s a US model item, then you still get Canon USA warranty service. We did a warranty survey just over a year ago, and we found that buying from an authorized or unauthorized dealer didn’t affect your ability to get Canon USA warranty service (they only ask for a dated receipt, never the warranty card).

If it’s a non-US model item, I’d still recommend trying to send it in for Canon USA warranty service. I’ve never had a reader tell me their US-bought camera was rejected for warranty service. 

Note, the above statement doesn’t apply to clearly import versions (i.e. different camera names (650D vs. T4i), tampered serial numbers, etc). 

Canon repair centers have stated they can’t figure out what’s import vs not based on the serial number. I’ve had a few readers tell me sending a non-US version body for warranty repair was successful, but not enough overwhelming evidence for me to really write and post loudly about it.

Alternatively, for a non-US model item, you can contact the retailer and ask them to honor their 1-year store warranty, or whatever period was stated on the original product listing on eBay. One reader who did this reported that the store asked them to send it to Canon anyway, and told him that “Canon won’t, but if they charge you, we’ll pay the bill.” Well, as expected, Canon fixed it under warranty and didn’t charge her (see paragraph above).

Finally, you can double your warranty if you purchase using credit cards that offer that feature. I recommend that as well. The basic idea is: if you experience a repair in the 2nd year you get to give the credit card company the bill (you may need to contact them first).

I invite anyone to e-mail me (contact form on my site) their warranty repair stories, good or bad — we’re trying our best to figure out what the “real” Canon warranty repair policy is. Based on what we’ve seen at this point, we think Canon pretty much accepts anything bought state-side, within the last year, for warranty. 

However, they’re not going to come out and state this currently unwritten policy: they want the flexibility to change this policy if necessary; also their sales channel benefits greatly from perpetuating a myth that a Canon warranty is an exclusive thing.

Now that being said, if any of the above scares you in any way, I would recommend buying new from an authorized dealer. I completely understand that everyone has different preferences — but we’re lucky we get a choice! 

Look at Nikon: they don’t let their retailers set their own pricing (everything is a fixed uniform price), they don’t let their retailers resell their overstock to unauthorized dealers, and also their US repair centers refuse to touch any import-version body, even if you offer to pay for the repair!

This was CPW Author’s speech

Canon Price Watch Reviews / Testimonials

We’ve gathered uses feedback from various websites;


In the DPReview forum, Someone wanted to know about canon price watch street prices

We try to represent that here;

User – sfnorton

I have used it and I have also used Greentoe.  Both worked great.  Big discounts from authorized sellers.  I will buy my R5 this way when sales slow down in a couple of months.  Based on past sales I expect to pay about $3400 to $3500.  I bought a 5DM4 several months after it’s release and spent $2900.

User- diness 

I haven’t used it, but I know it’s all legit retailers.  I have used Greentoe, which is similar and it’s always been an authorized dealer and everything.  I assume it’s just to sell more of them, but I’ve always been surprised when I have gotten high demand items for less!

User – JPAlbert worked fine for me when I bought my EOS R.

Very smooth transaction, arrived promptly, at a price significantly less than elsewhere.

User – Guillermo Shashte wrote:

Followed your link, mostly overpriced used equipment there.

For example: EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM 7 Used Available $1799.99 Street Price

Craisgslist: Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM Lens – $1100

User – souvik dgp replayed this comment

Hi Gulliermo,

I think you are making a mistake. The street price items are not used but they are brand new and comes with full 1 year Canon USA warranty. Only Canon authorized dealer will be the seller. Considering the lens sells $2k from authorized dealer + tax, you’re looking at a saving of about $340. Not bad I guess.

User – HaroldC3 

Canon sets a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) that retailers must follow.  CPW is a way for retailers to sell for less than that and not endanger their authorized retailer status with Canon.

I’ve used CPW a couple of times and both times the retailer has been in Canada.  Shipping was pretty quick (if I remember it was 3 days) considering it’s from Canada to the US.


We try to collect some public comments;


Has anybody had experiences going through Canon Price Watch to buy lenses?

Has anybody used Canon Price Watch to get discounts or “street prices” on authorized Canon products? They advertise the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS II for $1,808, and I’d love to jump on the offer if it’s legit. Thanks for any stories!

User – 1

Yup I just bought my 70-200 2.8 IS II and 100-400 II via one of their/Canon’s authorized dealers just a couple of months ago. 100% legit just like greentoe. I bought the 70-200 to shoot one wedding and that was it.

User – 2

Yes, have used it several times. 100% recommended. Also, use CPW prices as starting point with greentoe, too. Shoot a lower price than CPW, and sometimes you get lucky…


User – rl Jenkins

Extremely Useful Website!

“I’ve used Canon Price Watch for many years because of the email notifications, which have resulted in several purchases at great prices directly from authorized dealers.

I recently decided to actually buy through CPW from a dealer, and the price, transaction, and service were great.

Gordon at CPW was extremely helpful and responsive.

Final Word

Is Canon Price Watch a good choice? For some, it is a very good price comparison site. But, for someone in Europe, especially the UK or Ireland, it might not be of much interest due to the poor conversion value of £ and €. Sadly, if you are from Europe and want to compare prices for European retailers then our recommendation would be something else (do Google search). However, if you are located in USA or Canada then this is interesting indeed – CPN often provides a much better conversion rate than eBay itself.

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