Things to Consider When You Apply for Your Clip-in Hair Extension

When you visit the salon to get your clip-in extension, it is crucial that you know your requirements and what you want. There are multiple things you must consider before making the final decision.

Keep reading to know the things to consider that will help you find the right human hair clip in hair extensions.

Check Whether the Color Matches

The hair extension color should be the same as one’s natural hair. This can easily be done by simply looking at the color of your locks and then checking to see whether the clip-ins you plan to buy match this. 

When considering which color to buy, folks must consider how close it is to their natural shade. For example, if you have black hair, it makes sense to get a set of clip-ins that are also black or close to black, like natural brown or dark brown. There’s no point purchasing blonde shades if one’s natural strands are black!

Choose the Right Texture

Choosing the right texture is crucial to suit your natural strand type and texture. There are wide varieties of products available depending on the texture. For example, synthetic fibers have low-quality glossy, rough, and plastic-y textures, whereas products made from human locks have a smooth and polished texture with natural gloss and shine. 

Find a Suitable Length

The human hair clip-in hair extensions should be the perfect length to complement what people already have. It could look shaggy and messy if it’s too long for a person with short to medium-length locks. The overall look will be very disappointing if it’s too short for a person with long locks.

Every face type requires a different strand length, as an oval face type looks better with longer distances of clip-in hair extensions because this helps focus the face by adding volume at the top of the head. People with oval faces can go with long and short extensions with less volume. 

Oblong faces look great with shorter to medium lengths of clip-in hair extensions because this adds balance and contrast between the upper and lower halves of such a face. Whereas, people with round or pear-shaped faces can go for voluminous products with short to medium lengths.

Consider the Quantity of the Product

When applying for your clip-in extensions, it is vital to consider the quantity of hair added. For example, choose a clip-in extension with at least 20g of strands if you wish to add volume to your hair.

Buying High-Quality Products

The quality of the clip-in extensions will impact how long they last and how quickly they are to apply and remove. Good quality extensions will be made from Remy human hair, which means that each strand has undergone strict quality control measures before being sold at retail outlets. It is recommended to buy high-quality extensions as those will last longer and are completely heat-protected. So one can easily create different styles with such products.


When you wear hair extensions, it can make your locks look more beautiful. These are an amazing way to add instant volume and length to folks’ natural strands if they want to change their everyday looks. However, consider these before choosing the right type of clip-in.

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